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  • spaamnalyzer spaamnalyzer Aug 23, 2011 2:27 AM Flag


    they accepted my order on sunday and did the credit card authorization thing..on monday got email saying the order was cancelled because they sold out.. WTF you mean to tell me a large book seller like this can't keep track of their inventory.. SCREW THAT.. good bye BN.. will never buy another product from them again..

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    • The worst part about all of this is that now all the squeeky wheels are getting greased. is sending out $20 gift cards to anyone that ordered a touchpad.

      HP should reimburse them, IMHO. This whole mess was clearly a mistake on their part. has excellent inventory tracking- they handle unexpected bestsellers all the time- and EVERY reseller site was impacted. The fact Best Buy, Amazon, AND Barnes and Noble all had to cancel orders tells me it wasn't inventory tracking issues so much as it was HP promising to deliver additional inventory as the orders were being placed, then backing out and leaving the retailers holding the bag.

      And of course- people will continue to whine b/c they were never good BKS customers to begin with, and half of them probably used fake e-mails to create the accounts that they now won't check to see they are being given freebies.

      I have a pretty low opinion of "customers" who have the nerve to complain while trying to bottomfeed on inventory liquidating at more than half off. These guys and girls are lots of trouble and only ever buy loss leaders. They don't deserve an apology- they deserve a lifetime ban from the site. Too bad they're vocal.

      At least it gets the word out that BKS sells electronics. Turns out the prices are actually pretty good, and not everyone is a self-entitled brat.

    • Consider yourself lucky. HP's Ipad wannabe Touchpad is junk--it's slow as dog and isn't worth even $99 with its limited Apps. Unless you plan on waiting around for a bunch of hackers to make available a klugey Android hack for Touchpads, it's a product that will be obsolete within a year or two (NO new APPs or App upgrades!).

      It's like complaining about missing a huge clearance sale of Sony Betamax video players.

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