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  • successcoach173 successcoach173 Nov 22, 2011 10:05 PM Flag

    Apple has 357 Brick and Mortar Stores, why?

    Apple has 357 Brick and Mortar Stores and new ones popping up every couple of months, why?

    Because this is the most convenient way to service the customer.(BTW Apple just opened another one next where I live)

    Guess what? BN has 700 stores! Plus 600 college stores! And all of them sell different models of Nook! Before holidays the front of every BN store will look more and more like and Apple store where customers can try out a variety of devices for themselves. Unlike apple, though bn now it has a ton more stuff in it. And have you seen lately?

    So, all that uneducated talk about brick and mortar stores vs. online stores got to stop. Barnes and Noble is now BOTH, just in time for Christmas!

    And why shorts are yapping and getting educated, bks is making some serious doe.

    To all of you math experts what is 20+ percent of a $14 billion print book market and 30 percent of a $7 billion e-book market annualized with Borders and Kobo gone?

    Brick and Mortar stores dead? Don't think so.
    Books are dead? Clearly not.

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    • There is a difference between a 350 Billion company having 350 stores with stuff people want to buy......and a 0.75 billion company having 700+600 stores that sell books that nobody wants to buy anymore. It wasn't even .75 billion before the momentum took over.

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