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  • schule7607 Aug 20, 2013 1:48 PM Flag

    Question for the smart people out there....

    How can Barnes & Noble lose money for 12 consecutive quarters (3 years now), and still have a stock price at $14/share? Who buys a company like this with loss after loss after loss? Shouldn't this company be bankrupt by now?

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    • It is indeed an enigma. The only answer I have is that Barnes & Nobles is a sort of All American company, you may say kind of symbol of former America. Whole families used to visit this store on weekends to watch new magazines, look through new books, drink coffee and have fun to socialize. For them it is too painful to view a current reality, so they support it as they. You may consider this post as excessively emotional, but my heart is with these people still living in the past.

    • I agree. Within 12 months the stock price was $11 and change. Is the company somehow BETTER now than it was then? Seems worse to me- they had a plan a couple of months ago which they just ditched to continue doing what they've been doing which isn't working. Seems like they've given up on splitting the company apart which some people say would unlock value. So...what DO they have? I'm not being snide here either- I'm really asking.

    • Their only chance to stop the horrible bleed was to offload the huge losses on their tablet production by outsourcing or selling nook outright. Even then you're left with a moribund business but at least its not a nosedive of cash lossing.

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