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  • ebean01 ebean01 Dec 3, 1997 10:54 AM Flag

    Tentative target of 50 bucks by next sum

    I bought because they seem to have the right approach to business.
    I did buy books thru the Net from them and it worked very smoothly.
    I feel they are another Wal-Mart for the next few years...then?
    Our society...I think...are becoming more book reading oriented bcasue
    of the aging and divorce factors....just a guess but i think it a possiblility.

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    • that is a very interesting viewpoint on future readers, ebean.
      here is mine

      people have talked about the death of the book...but i have always thouhgt that to be sheer nonsense. matter how much the technology morphs and miniaturizes...nothing, will ever replace the book for its portability and ease of use.

      as an ever increasingly consumer oriented society...see the purchasing power of teens and preteens---we are taught to define ourselves by the symbols we surround ourselves by. lifestyle products i call them. open a j. crew catalog or a pottery barn catalog sometime, you will see an instant stageset in which the consumer is asked to envision themselves in. " i want my house to look like it was designed by crate and barrel." "is that a williams-sonoma kitchen?"

      unfortunately books/publishers have succumbed to this marketing strategy. increasingly, the books purchased are lifestyle books. or true-fiction. all of the trends here are quite bizarre. and in my 28th year , i decided that it was time to profit from this unfortunate trend in american society, rather than just bemoan it. ahh what else is capitalism for?
      (i hide my head in shame behind the alias, monk1202.)

      apologies for the screed but this is a longwinded way of talking about how effective B&N has been at creating a new kind of public space in america. commercial, of course. and yes, private. but it is truly a meeting place for communities. go to any
      of their stores and you will surely hear neighbors running into one another or colleagues each on their break from work. this is an amazing transformation in public space. i sometimes think of it as a secular church. or a commercial post office/library.

      the synergies between publishers and savvy booksellers such as B & N have never been greater. and the computer, which ultimately alienates us all from one another, helps this relationship immensely, as it easily offers up books based upon keyword searches. "i have a fear of mittens." I type, "mittens and fear." 8 direct matches. 3 from simon and schuster etc. a raymond carver short story, my appreciation for B&N is both sad and hopeful.

      just my two cents. for whatever it is worth.

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