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  • planetclicker planetclicker Jun 18, 1998 11:27 PM Flag

    business week article

    barnes and noble is cover story in Business Week this week
    go to
    click on business magazines
    click on business week

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    • the article by fool on the hill an invsstment
      opinion by louis corrigan time to sell
      http// this should let u no this puppy could b flying
      next few weeks!

    • let's try up in after hrs. and up strong tomorrow, plus a couple of points over the next few weeks or so!

    • As I thought, BKS followed the AMZN gyrations
      almost in unison. BKS is stretching at a 45x multiple on
      1/99 earnings forecast. Of course, earnings could be
      higher, but there has to be an awful lot of money being
      spent to develop and advertise Internet marketing, so
      margins may, like AMZN, be negligible or nonexistent for
      a while. I expect AMZN to spike up tomorrow at the
      open, due to the insane frenzy over Yahoo's "great"
      report, and then continue to crumble. So, my educated
      guess is that BKS will continue to recede to a former
      level until AMZN is flushed down the toilet, perhaps
      back to the mid-30s, at which time I'll accumulate
      more shares of BKS.

    • Folks are recognizing value in BKS internet
      business. You can see we've started to follow the internet
      hype the last week or two. That means fast runs - in
      both directions. Just part of the new territory.

    • I just don't understand why someone would invest
      in low revenue companies like Yahoo and Amazon, when
      BKS does almost $3 BILLION in sales PER YEAR

      From its "profile" : Barnes and Noble, Inc. is
      primarily engaged in the sale of books through four
      principal strategies: superstore, malls, direct mail, and
      e-commerce. For the 13 weeks ended 5/2/98, revenues increased
      12% to $666.3 million. Net loss decreased 14% to $3.3
      million. Revenues reflect higher Barnes and Noble store
      revenues to due increased same store sales and the
      addition of 51 new stores. Loss also benefitted from
      higher margins due to less reliance on wholesalers.

    • Barnes & Noble says won't comment on

      NEW YORK, July 6 (Reuters) - Barnes & Noble Inc. said
      Monday it would not comment on its stock's movement last
      citing company policy not to discuss unusual market

      The company was responding to the NYSE's request that
      it announce any corporate developments that would
      have explained the
      stock's volatility on

      Barnes & Noble shares were up sharply in trading on
      Thursday, hitting a high of 47-1/2 from its opening price
      of 45-3/4 before
      dropping down to close at

      The stock was up again Monday by mid-morning, trading
      at 46-9/16.

    • Thank you for your reply. I invest in companies
      based on fundamentals, and I let my winners go, even if
      valuations get ahead of themselves (at least until I get an
      IRA set up). However, I have learned that timing can
      really help your returns. For example, I could have got
      BKS 30-40% cheaper 3 years ago if I had waited (I
      still have a huge gain, but it could have been much
      better). Thus your info is very much appreciated.

      Again, I thank you,


    • Tried to trade this stock but the large bid/ask spread kept me out ... is it always like this for BKS?

    • close below todays low this week will retest 40.

      I believe we will see lower earnings due to bks war
      on amzn , increased marketing costs and lower sales
      prices. reminds me of cpq vs. dell. It is a much better
      stock long term, but don't pay any attention to amzn,
      that is all short squeeze till death. bks will outlast
      amzn for sure, but that doesn't matter for now. I
      would sell calls on rallies or get out and buy dip into
      40 and buy more into gap at 37, settle below 37 and
      something bad brewing for bks.
      I like the stock, but
      see us running out of steam technically, maybe due
      bad earnings due soon?late july?

    • i believe he has a web site now, try search in
      bks and on web i bet you hit his trading site or
      books. He teaches simple stuff and in plain english plus
      he points out money management part of trading which
      is key to size. Technicals, help you get in and more
      important tell you when to get out. But you must be
      disciplined. Charting and tech anal. are basically same thing,
      many type of t.a. most involve daily charts, i use
      candlestick charts myself buy am very basic, find four or
      five things that work and that you undrstand and use
      them, there are 5000 variations of technical analysis,
      but elliot wave theory, trendlines and fibbanochi
      retracments along with rsi and stochastics are the main ones,
      i also use daiy patterns, previous hi and lows etc
      along with 5 min and 30 min charts when i am day
      trading or anxious about a postion, same methods
      differnet time charts, they all work over the long haul if
      you are disciplined. Technicals discount all
      fundamental knowledge and combine that with the predictable
      behavior of human beings to fear and greed...

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