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    • CRWN filing Ch. 11. GNET was lucky again when he sold out yesterday morning according to his later post, saying he should have stayed. Some people just are very lucky.

    • I guess we should take these posts back to the
      CRWN board, but if you read the other posts there,
      some seem to think investors have been jumping in as a
      result of future e-commerce. While I don't think this
      caused the price run up, necessarily, I do not think it
      should be discounted.

      Sorry that your investment
      "melted down." Believe me, I've been there! Unfortunately
      for me, my bad investment had no hope of a future.
      When do you think CRWN will resume trading?

    • I really have no idea. Maybe it's just that BKS
      is a good quality, well run business and Amazon
      should not be valued so much higher than BKS. Could be
      cause people are buying the stock.

      GNET, The
      only thing that is different about Crown from before
      Monday is that there have been talks of a buyout (which
      you know). There has been no other real news
      whatsoever that could explain it. Don't you think so? BTW,
      could I borrow a few bucks, I'm still not back to par
      on my Crown stock, have had it before the meltdown.

    • What exactly are the circumstances that caused
      the runup? Since no one else is exactly sure, I'd
      love to hear your theory. And considering the book
      value of CRWN, it certainly wasn't liquidation that did

    • Thanks for your comments. I rest very easy with
      BKS. Any increase in overall volatility with the
      related down ticks would make most anyone concerned,
      especially in a stock that has not exhibited this much thus
      far. When the "trending" stock starts to behave like a
      "trading" stock, many other types of traders can enter the

      I do alot of TA analysis on other stocks in my
      portfolio as I can. BKS has had alot of "news" lately
      causing many gaps and many opportunities. I do agree with
      you on the upside potential and underlying support
      BKS has. It's internet "appeal/potential" is yet
      another bullish aspect of this good company and

      Good Luck!!


    • If you are a long term holder then you should be
      able to rest easy at night with this stock.

      think today was a sector drop in the market. The basics
      of BKS is strong, unlike the others whose numbers
      have ran a long way up in the past few weeks with
      absolutely no support or base to fall back on. And a stock
      that goes a long way up with no base can go a long way
      down until it finds its base again.
      My charts are
      telling me this stock is still strong and has upside
      potential, but looking off the chart I have found a lot of
      insider selling and very few buying which kind of makes
      me nervous. But the good news is that its going on a
      lot less on BKS stock other internet

      I've heard a few MM's say they don't know where the
      money is coming from to push up the whole internet
      stock sector at the same time their sales people are
      still taking orders and pushing the stocks as a sure
      thing. The thing about MM's is that when their money is
      tied up in the stock they never say anything bad about
      the stock they do not want to get anyone to start a
      sell off on the stock until they sucked out every

      Sorry this is so long but BKS is a good pick, but you
      can expect it to move slightly up or down on basic
      sectors moves of other internet stock. The good news is
      it most likely won't take a nose dive like many
      other internet stock will be soon.

    • >>The rise in price was due to

      Hello! I have been a very long term holder/investor in
      BKS. What in your opinion, has caused the recent



    • In what way does my post make me a worm?

      • 2 Replies to GNETFREAK
      • You are a worm because by your own admission on
        the CRWN message board you are reporting back to your
        buddies that you were hyping CRWN on various other boards
        including BKS. I truly believe that you don't actually
        believe in CRWN yourself, but you sure wan't to hype it
        to others. CRWN appears to be in deep trouble and
        you know it!

      • Last week I wrote BKS management and gave them a
        detailed structure on Spinning off the Internet side of
        the business to increase BKS market cap by $2-$5
        BILLION. My plan is BKS keeps 40 million shares, sells 7.5
        million shares in an IPO at $30-$50/share (total raised
        $225-$375 million) with a warrant attached that would
        enable all IPO stockholders to buy another share for
        twice the price of the IPO within 2 years. This would
        also bring in another $450-$750 million within a 2
        year period. Futher at the IPO all current BKS
        stockholders would share in 2.5 million shares in a stock
        dividend. Therefore, after the IPO and all warrants
        exercised their would be 57.5 million shares outstanding
        with a float of only 17.5 million shares and over $625
        million to over $1 Billion minimum would be raised to
        DOMINATE the markets BKS desires. I further added that
        this is the only way BKS stockholders can get the full
        value for their internet business, plus this will
        enable the internet company to pursue many new product
        lines to increase sales and shareholder values.
        Further, the internet company could install a internet
        network at each BKS physical location to generate more
        sales from each store. The 40 million shares that BKS
        holds would easily boost the market cap of BKS by
        several Billions and also diversify the company into an
        unlimited number of other product areas. It's a WIN WIN
        situation. Strike the internet market while it is HOT. If
        you don't think this will work, my numbers are based
        on ONE HALF the market cap of AMZN is all
        DEBT, BKS has the opportunity to spin off this business
        and raise close to $1Billion with no debt and have
        the funds to crush AMZN and all other internet
        competitors. Tell me what you think!! and if you agree write
        the company and TELL THEM. What do we have to lose??

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