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  • SOESBandit7 SOESBandit7 Jul 13, 1998 2:51 PM Flag

    hastings- HAST

    If you followed my advice
    today you will see BAMM took off like a rocket and you
    made good money.

    HAST is the next BAMM/EGGS/KLB
    in my opinion.

    Look at their numbers. P/E is
    only 12, better than BAMM, BKS or BGP.

    also have a small float.

    They are the next
    internet crazed stock. They have an excellent web site and
    excellent stores.

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    • Bandit, you badly need a colonic irrigation with
      carbonated water. Take your spam bullshit elsewhere. Oh by
      the way I got access to the original BKS IPO since my
      brother worked for them and paid $20/share. BKS is now
      priced at $85 on a plit adjusted basis. Not bad and the
      ride is not over.

    • Alright, listen up. This stock will go up to
      $91.20, because I am always right. Don't let my hype fool
      you, let my logic do that. Anyway my logic is that
      since this is post #304, and there are 3 strong buys
      for HAST. I will monitor the stock until I get there.
      Then we all go home. Agree?

      The REAL Bandit!

    • I know this is the BKS page, but Bandit is
      spreading his propaganda over other posting pages (BAMM,
      CRWN, etc.) like a bad case of Herpes, so I thought I'd
      straighten things out a bit.

      I don't know who you are
      bandit, but I think you may be the devil himself. You
      said BAM took off like a rocket. But it stalled out
      like a 73 Vega. Sure it is up 25% today, but that's
      only a little more than a point, and it is already 1
      point lower than its high today. So where will it go
      tommorow, oh great one?

      Anyway, Bandit has NO FACTS
      to back any of his hypes, Hastings being no
      exception. If you don't agree with me Bandit, just give me
      some facts and I'll go away.

      BTW, Hastings is
      currently trading at 1/4 point lower than their IPO back a
      month ago. They sure are on the move Bandit!

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