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  • bodeka bodeka Aug 17, 1998 1:58 PM Flag

    BKS is close to spinning of .com!!! This

    announcement nad will give the company the credibility it deserves...

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    • Here is a hint.

      BKS has some has some good
      partners (AOL, Oprah, Sportsline...) and is working hard
      to get momentum going on the internet.
      I think
      they should do more internet basics because they are
      really having a problem in another element.

      real hard at the internet numbers between Amazon and
      .com has a very long way to go to even take more than
      a very small percentage of the market. Amazons
      numbers are staggering, in '97 they increased sales over
      %800 and were in the hundreds (sorry I don't have
      exact figures here) of millions of dollars in sales,
      .com (an exact figure) totaled a whole 14,601,000.00
      for '97. I don't own BKS or Amazon (although I some
      BAMM) and think there will be a price break for Amazon
      in the future. Where does that leave BKS??? I think
      they are doing more marketing and game playing than
      getting it together. I do not speculate, I buy on basics,
      on good products not on hype - BKS is giving a lot
      of HYPE. Barnes and Noble is by far the best book
      store of its type in the world (and as a whole) bar
      none. They unfortunally are having a hard time
      integrating what they have with a more modern age, they are
      slow to change and plagued with schemes. So, in time
      if they don't get off thier asses they too might
      find themselves in the back seat. Hey, maybe after the
      spin-off of .com Amazon will come and buy BKS. I am very
      sure they will know exactly how to integrate the
      stores with the web... Sick isn't it?

      By the way,
      that "news" about every store getting new computer
      systems with fancy browsers is simple BULL - I CHECKED.
      Some stores are getting them but I have no idea where.
      One would think that where I live might be a good
      place (South Florida) or my hometown NYC would - but
      nowhere I know of. When I hear a little lie I tend to
      mistrust everything I am told.

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      • With all due respect, your comment regarding the
        new computers for B&N stores "BULL - I CHECKED" is
        simply bull. About 4 years ago, B&N had an outdated
        system for their stores that was worse than Borders,
        Waldenbooks and perhaps many other bookstore chains. Then
        something happened in one of their primary competitors
        computer development division that led to the primary
        programmer to leave that company and join BKS. Since that
        time, there have been many changes to the old system
        and plans to release the new system have been ongoing
        for over a year. Many stores now have the prototype,
        maybe in its full-form by now, but there are many older
        stores still waiting for the upgrade. They have
        apparently run into some bugs along the way. Nevertheless,
        it still is a planned project to release to ALL B&N
        stores a new, fully-integrated computer network with
        Pentium processors, listing of Library of Congress, and
        many other special features. If anything is
        discouraging, it's that this computer system was promised to
        many stores over a year ago and they are still

        By the way, don't count on Amazon buying up BKS. No

      • think what you want...but the techs were in my
        store installing the goods ...perhaps that store
        already has it and thus doesnt know what youre talking
        about or perhaps they are a low volume store not slated
        for it till next yr...if youre in tx stop on by
        ....most stores here already have it...

    • I'm going broke buying books and my BKS is hanging in the mid thirties.

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