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  • Joseph_K_Samsa Joseph_K_Samsa Oct 3, 1998 6:35 PM Flag

    ot post


    JAWS is trading
    currently at $2.34. With earnings at 24.5 cents so far this
    year (100 %
    earnings and sales growth) it is easy
    to say this stock is greatly undervalued. Now
    JAWS is distributing products for Polaris
    Industries in Latin America the CEO says that
    those new
    sales alone should add $10 million this year.

    Why is the Yahoo! JAWS message board the busiest
    thread there is on the internet???
    Because there is
    an enormous amount of people discovering that an
    illegal short position
    (estimated to be 3 times the
    trading float) is about to be squeezed due to all the
    shareholders requesting real certificates from
    their brokers. The largest JAWS shareholder
    2.7 million shares... He has recently started calling
    in his certificates. What does this
    mean??? It
    means that a short squeeze could propel this
    exceptional company far passed its
    fair market value of
    about $10 to much higher numbers.

    Please visit
    the JAWS thread and check out the company. You will
    find an enormous
    amount of information and will be
    glad you did...

    Go to JAWS:

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