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  • Lonstertail Lonstertail Nov 7, 1998 9:51 AM Flag

    The deal will succeed

    BKS will acquire Ingram in the end. There is no
    legal reason why they can not buy a distribution
    company to cut there own cost. Of course there will be
    legal issues brought up by there scared competitors.
    Amazon or Borders would have jumped all over Ingram if
    they had the money. The hype around Amazon is slowly
    falling along with their stock price. BKS is a Butt
    Kickin Stock.

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    • You will begin to see a lot of really idiotic and
      insulting posts.These will be mostly from the amzn longs
      and maybe few from the shorts on the amzn page which
      has a post every 15 seconds or so. The real scary
      types come out late at night and have obviously goofy
      names to draw attention to themselves.

      this is unfortunate, it is a good sign, more interest
      in stock and higher prices will follow. All this
      stock needs to get up and really is for a lot of
      shorters to get in and get sqeezed out. Even without that,
      does anyone doubt bks market cap should be 1/3 of
      amzn?? Those that did now know better.

      Watch the
      volume and price action on charts. Volatility is a good
      thing, buy dips and hold, three years from now bks will
      be $100+ and amzn history.

      Or I could be
      wrong, that is just my opinion.

      Good luck to all.

    • this deal will go ahead, but I wouldn't be so
      sure. Few people outside the industry realize how big
      Ingram is. They've been very quiet about the extent of
      their monopoly. They are the Bechtel of the publishing
      industry, and they distribute more than just books.(ever
      heard of Bechtel?..exactly).
      The ABA will certainly
      challenge this purchase, and I wouldn't be suprised to see
      Borders and Amazon join in.
      By the way, Amazon had
      the resources to buy Ingram but my guess is they
      decided to be their own distributor. Borders has made
      significant moves in that direction. One possibility is that
      both will accelerate that process and dry up Ingram's
      base. Borders already leases out their inventory
      control and distribution services to other bookstores.

      Plenty of room for this to backfire...and my bet is
      still that it won't go through.

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