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  • mamedca mamedca May 12, 1999 8:45 AM Flag

    what is IMHO? eom


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    • I've got may $35's, and don't see any reason to
      sell at a loss this week. I won't sell at a loss until
      next thursday afternoon.

      NETR is kinda like
      BNBN - no news, lotsa speculation. Todays news story
      was just a summary of the latest S1a, which didn't
      really have anything new. Edgar online used to list the
      pricing/offering as "MAY", but changed that to "TBA". Nice spikes
      the last couple days, speculation says offering will
      be 2-4 weeks from now.

      i hope that specialist
      calls in sick tomorrow and we get a nice


    • Found a great site for daytraders. I probably
      should keep it a secret (but I am an

      Probably for riskier traders, but definitely worth
      checking out. Good

      Go BKS

    • <EOM>

    • Yeah, I remember buying DBCC for $18 a share, then watching it drop to 14 and then shoot up to 50. Thats why I won't sell until May 24, unless Netradio date is moved up.

    • The posts I have been reading tonight remind me
      of the post I read in the MALL,USAI, DBCC, AND

      In reference to the seller every time it gets close
      to 35 1/4 This is true and he won't dissapear until
      the volume kicks in. We had the same problem with
      dbcc at 14 until the volume picked up and then WHANO.
      Those who are experienced traders know that when a
      stock is under accumulation, real buyers show large
      chunks of stock on the ASK as to scae people; meanwhile,
      buying in small chunks on the bid. When these
      institutions begin to see their shares are being picked off
      they will stop the scare tactics and let the stock


    • welp, ah don't! I can dream, though!

      This is for all the shorts:� RIP �

      GO BKS. Go bnbn!

    • Thanks for straightening me a little bit
      freaked about this whole thing. Just got in and out of and made a couple grand, but coulda made
      more--hey better to have half a loaf of bread than no bread
      at all, ay?
      I am in for 1200 shares w/25 limit;
      and if the price stays around 17-19 range I might
      have the OO to try and get more. But the waiting; both
      for bks to pop and for notification from
      Wit---sheesh. Its enought to make a man drink! Good luck to you

    • I'm sure that the offering is 25 Million shares,
      not $s. At approx $12 the offering is expected to
      raise $300 Million. My concern is that with only 25
      million shares offered Goldman and Merrill will, I would
      think, get the vast majority, say 20 million or more to
      sell to their preferred customers and institutions.
      From previous posts I have been able to determine that
      there were at least 6,000 orders prior to mine placed
      at Wit from the time of the offering on the website,
      around 17:20 on tuesday to 18:00 when I noticed my
      E-mail. I don't know whether these are all for BNBN ,but
      I'm sure the vast majority are. I would also assume
      that anyone who has actually set up an account at Wit
      is serious about this offering and would be buying
      at least 1,000 shares. If I'm right I think my
      chances are slim.

    • you'd have to be suspicious by now i'd think...this is the weirdest stock play i've ever been involved with...

    • Open at 35 1/8 close at 35 1/8...unchanged, wouldn't you know it!
      What are the odds we close at 35 1/8 again tomorrow??

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