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  • SHOOODOG98 SHOOODOG98 May 19, 1999 12:54 PM Flag

    Yeah unix..

    And as we speak.. bks headed for new daily low
    for today.. Just unbelievable!

    Im still in though for a few more days at least

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    • oops, I didn't realize the earning when I wrote
      the last post.

      The headline is misleading but
      the realease is positive (for true longs). They
      basically took the one-time charge under the pretext of the
      change of accounting principle and they can afford to do
      that before the BNBN IPO to minimize price fluctuation
      for BKS.

      Sales is up and they closed more
      brick-mortar store which are not bringing significant revenue.
      The tricky part is that we don't know how the street
      will look at this earning. Stock price may show
      uncertainty in the early trading session tomorrow, but that's
      the best time to get some bargins if it

      Good luck,


    • Yes you will see 50-60 on the first day of BNBN
      IPO and this will bring BKS's valuation up. That is
      the reason why many people (back door players) are
      putting money in BKS right now. There is a possibility
      that BKS goes to 70+ pre-IPO or right after IPO; but
      it's unlikely by looking at the volume

      I have lots of stake in BKS right now. VRTL have
      changed me to become a position players from a long-term
      investor and I am not concerned about recent down trend
      with BKS considering the volatility I took from VRTL.
      In my personal opinion, BKS trading price today
      below $33 is a screaming buy.

      Hal-Witt has done
      an excellent job on BKS share prices analysis,
      follow the link, and you will find more. I will post
      another post to re-cap the events we are expecting in the
      next few


    • Files to Raise $67.5 Mln Through
      IPO (Update1)

      Washington, May 19 (Bloomberg)
      -- Inc., an online retailer of drugs
      and healthcare
      products that is backed by Inc., filed for an initial stock sale that could
      raise as much as
      $67.5 million.

      Bellevue, Washington-based company was formed last year and
      started selling products in
      is led by former Microsoft Corp. executive Peter
      Neupert, 43, and counts
      venture capital firm Kleiner
      Perkins Caufield & Byers as well as Microsoft co-founder
      Paul Allen's
      Vulcan Ventures Inc. and Starbucks
      Corp. Chairman Howard Schultz among its top
      investors., the online retailer of books and
      music, holds a 43.8 percent stake before the

      Staking out a place in the online medicine and
      personal-care market could be big business: Total
      sales of drugs, vitamins and personal-care products
      will reach $180 billion this year, estimates
      Husson, a Merrill Lynch analyst. That's almost five times
      the $38.5 billion in total sales Forrester

      Research Inc. projects this year for books and music, two
      of the most successful online categories. and other startups, including CVS's Corp.'s newly
      purchased, PlanetRX
      Inc. and, are
      betting they can win over a lot of busy bargain hunters.
      They say the
      convenience of buying online also
      will help them tap the growing demand for health-care
      from an aging U.S. population.

      prescription business is especially appealing. Surging sales
      to older consumers helped boost
      sales 15 percent last year to $102.5 billion, according
      to the National Association of
      Chain Drug
      Stores. That makes prescriptions one of the
      fastest-growing parts of U.S. retailing.
      posted a $10.2 million net loss in the quarter ended
      April 4 on sales of $652,000, its
      first quarter
      selling drugs and prescription, beauty and health
      products on line. said it may use
      proceeds from the stock sale to make acquisitions. The
      decided to go public in part to ``to increase our
      working capital'' and to ``increase our visibility in
      retail marketplace,'' according to a filing with
      the Securities and Exchange Commission. didn't specify the number of shares it would sell
      or their estimated price range. Those
      will be included in a supplemental filing. The $67.5
      million top value was used solely to
      calculate a
      registration fee.

      An underwriting group led by Morgan
      Stanley Dean Witter will market shares to the public. has applied to trade on the Nasdaq Stock Market
      under the symbol ``DSCM.''

    • Checked chart w/Clear Station. Last 2 major
      run-ups of BKS took only 3 days. Late June '98 and late
      Dec '98. June volume prior to run-up was smaller than
      current volume. Dec '98 volume a bit more. Seems that BKS
      can't be viewed as typical stock regardless of IPO
      news. Don't totally buy into MM as reason but something
      is up with this stock...but 3 day run-up past
      performance looks like this Thurs, Fri. and Monday to me.
      Tomorrow with earnings report the BIG day? Anyone have a
      target for tomorrow if earnings are acceptable to

    • The EPS for the 1st qtr is +.03
      IPO is the 25th
      News about the Ingram deal will soon be released.

    • Thanks for your reply on the DSET board. Someone
      had a calculation on BKS of $30 + 80% of BNBN's price
      at IPO. Based on your BNBN price of $50 - $60 this
      would work out to a $74 price for BKS. Does this make
      any sense? If so, how soon after May option

    • I hope you bought June options instead of May.
      I'm 75% May 35s and, 25% June 40s. Oh well, the MMs
      aren't getting my cherry, that got popped long

      Good Luck All !!!!!!!!!!!! we may need it

    • Nice big blocks right at the end of the

      Steve Frank just mentioned on CNBC about AMZN's mixed
      debt offering and how they might be doing it to steal
      BKS's thunder with the upcoming ipo.

      hoping for something good this week. Go


    • Through the vertical integration of Ingram, and
      the leveraging of its existing billing
      infrastructure, BKS will have a significant pricing advantage
      over competitors. Amazon's price slashing is a cheap
      PR stunt that smells like fear. Sooner or later
      Amazon will have to address poor profit margins in the
      face of mounting debt. When that happens you can kiss
      these pseudo-hardball tactics goodbye. If it's customer
      base and revenue growth you're looking for (the only
      thing that supports Amazons absurd valuation) you will
      not be disappointed. Bertelsmann is a 600 pound
      multi-media gorilla. Once it starts throwing its weight
      around BKS will blow by amazon. Amazon can't sustain its
      marketing blitz forever, BKN has yet begun to fight. Any
      Questions? Buy and hold BKN, you won't be disappointed.

    • For chrissakes -
      is thing going to make it to
      38 or will i have to sell at 36 just to save my ass
      - what a weird stock - i know there are no
      guarantees, but this baby is being controlled by somebody -

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