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  • u_bank u_bank May 25, 1999 7:13 PM Flag

    Melvino99 Buy back if you still want to

    The pattern of this stock tends to indicate big
    money players use BKS volatility to squeeze small time
    investors. (They played them like a fiddle with the IPO.)
    BKS management seems to support the effort of the big
    money players by posting bogus early financial warnings

    IMHO BKS is heading to at least the low 20s and is
    going to be < 35.00 for a long time.
    The IPO
    game is over please insert another 4,000.00 to play

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    • BKS should start heading up. I see great potential in the company looking forward.


    • Just wanted to see if you were still with us.

    • on this board is 25? I say the consensus is 48.

    • Sorry to see her leave too, although I'm not
      surprised. Her last post was right about the time BKS

      I followed up her lead about the Polish market.
      Actually things do look good. I picked up 3 stocks for my
      long term account (TPSA the phone company, and 2
      banks- WBK and PEKAO).

      And I think I know what
      she meant with the smokingman reference. If you know
      the stock is being manipulated, like what happened
      when the May series expired, you should go with it. I
      got some May 30 calls when it was at 33 (I yjink it
      was on the Wed.), as I thought the stock would finish
      at 35. On the Friday PM, I loaded up with June 35
      puts and got rid of the calls. Sold most of the puts
      along the way, but still have 30 left. Will sell half
      around 27 1/2, and the others around 26. It sure beats
      wishfull thinking.

      Looks like rest of board is
      finally coming around my feeling of BKS at

      Thanks again.

    • CruelSister moved to the HAL board before leaving
      here and in one of her last messages made some
      recommendations about investing in Poland, etc. Sorry to see her
      leave. She had a keen knowledge of options trading and
      was very perceptive in a comment about Jay Shartsis'
      article "Roosters and Canaries-Early warning in the
      options market," BARRONS, May 24, 1999.

      her, I'm following your posts with interest because I
      have a lot to learn (I followed both hers and yours
      before). Also doing extra reading to improve my investing
      IQ. I am a quick learner. In one of her posts,
      CruelSister said that if I followed the market I might have
      the SmokingMan work for me. I never quite figured out
      the meaning. I would prefer to learn from your posts.

    • Whether BKS sells its BNBN shares or not, now
      that BN.COM is publicly traded, its losses do not
      appear on BKS financials.

      But it is unlikely that
      B&N will sell its BNBN shares. For BN.COM's customers
      to "accrete" to the mother company's brand, the
      mother company has to retain control to prevent me :-)
      from buying up controlling interest in BN.COM and
      changing its name to "Harkabeep's Bodacious Books" and
      competing directly against B&N.

    • And welcome aboard! I agree with you completely
      and will not abandon this company at this point. Now
      we need some big news; an acquisition, European bnbn
      activity with Bertlesmann or the Ingram completion would
      all be examples.

      Stay with us, it shoudl be a
      good flight!

      Goodness knows we've been taxiing
      long enough!

      Good luck to all longs! Good bye
      to all shorts!

    • LOng term stock holder may not want to sell if
      they see there investment going somewhere.This stock
      is very disapointing.I am long on this stock bks not
      bnbn it would be nice to see some progress forward.The
      wall street sharks are chewing up this stock and it is
      time for mgt to toot it's own horn.Thanks for your
      insight have a good weekend.

    • lack of supply. Think of beanie babies or
      whatever. If people don't put in market or limit sell
      orders then the supply is limited. Lack of supply =
      demand. In other words, don't lose it mentally and sell
      because you can't stand not being able to chase another

      Hopefully all the day traders have sold out, lost their
      shirts and moved on to lose somewhere else. If people
      would just hang in there and quit fixating on why the
      price hasn't gone up in the last 15 minutes we would
      all be better off.

      If you can't stand it then
      be like all the others, sell out now and lose. If
      you wait you will be rewarded, but it might take a
      couple of months. This stock is currently undervalued
      and oversold by short term traders. The job of
      management is to run the company, and not to spend all day
      long trying to manipulate the stock price so someone
      can get their money back in one week.

      question that Bezo's is a stock hyper for his own company.
      Everyone knows that. But sooner or later he's got to make
      I don't care how many web sites he buys. If they
      all lose money all he has is a bunch of money losing
      web sites. If you like that approach then go buy

    • My collage days are a haze but I thought
      type of accounting is preferred to have benifit in
      corporate tax

      I think lost transfered
      is in paper only and it is not actual money out of
      BKS. (feel free to correct me)

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