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  • omegaman5by5 omegaman5by5 Jan 31, 2000 3:36 PM Flag

    Dont' think

    anyone believes there will be a stock buy back.
    Not much hope for bnbn either.

    Too much has
    been done by the management to undermine the validity
    of either bks or bnbn. Today I am out of the puts on
    both bnbn & bks. Again sorry I did that but again, no

    BNBN set a record not stop new low today. By the end
    of next week bks will set another new low.

    These stocks show absolutely no hope for any type of
    recovery in the next 2-3months.

    I project bnbn by
    end of next week to be around 8 and bks to be around
    18. I feel pretty confident on that. If tomorrow is
    again down will look at the 10 puts for bnbn & the 15
    puts for bks. I would strongly suggest no one buys
    either of these companies. The risk is too high.

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    • You are being carefully monitored by
      Watch what you say and how you say it. I am pleased to
      note that your typically reckless chatter is now
      couched in terms that indicate that you are simply
      rendering one person's OPINION.
      You are probably being
      well-paid by shorts to post here to trash these two
      companies. If not, you really need to get a job.
      By the
      way, do you remember your idiotic prediction about
      bnbn NEVER reaching 16 in year 2000? Will you take my
      $50,000 bet on that?
      I'm not a high risk person, but
      I'd have no problem with that gamble.

    • Of course you stromgly suggest no one buy these,
      you are buying puts. If the price goes up, you lose

      If this isn't blatantly self serving, I don't know
      what is.

      One of these days, you are going to
      get burned by bad KARMA.

      You have nobodies
      best interest in mind but your own. DON'T PRETEND

    • The following quotation comes from's
      recent article on tech stocks, but it's equally
      applicable to the situation with BKS these days. Please
      consider this the next time you're about to post a "This
      POS stinks" message. Maybe it does, maybe it doesn't.
      All I know is daytraders die broke.

      a rising stock price is a nice sign of the health
      of a business, it is by no means symptomatic.
      Sometimes the best companies on the planet can go years
      without much share price appreciation. For example,
      Motorola (NYSE:MOT - news) has increased by 7500% over a
      20-ear period, but did not appreciate at all for the 5
      year period between January 1994 and January 1999. And
      Wal-Mart (NYSE:WMT - news) , though not a "tech company,"
      went from mid-1991 to mid-1997 without any
      appreciation of shareholder value. Is this the sign of a bad
      company? You tell me, are Motorola and Wal-Mart bad
      companies, ones without potential for future profit growth?"


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