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  • rexobXIP rexobXIP Jul 25, 2000 2:46 PM Flag

    Bertelsmann & CD-now

    prevents buyout unless they want it. And since
    they can give themselves 6-7 figure bonuses, and sell
    companies to themselves for 8-9 figure profits, why would
    they ever sell?

    I am long several years and
    just hoping to get my money out one of these days.

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    • The only thing you can count on for sure is that
      Riggio will make sure he personally wins in the end. The
      shareholders' interest is of no concern to him, that is one
      thing for sure.

      Look at his previous past
      history - Babbages and BNBN. Both of these deals have
      really screwed the shareholders and have provided no
      benefit to the price of BKS (and its shareholders).

      This company is run by the most unethical CEO
      possible. Just this past week Qualcomm has chosen to give
      its shareholders a stock dividend in the shares of
      its IPO spinoff - in these same circumstances Riggio
      chose to give his shareholders nothing except a huge
      loss in the value of BKS.

      This may explain why
      the price of this loser is going nowhere. With this
      man's controlling interest in BKS which provides no
      accountability - who know what is the next item up his sleeve?
      Maybe BKS will be buying the college bookstores at a
      huge premium for Riggio...

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      • that's why I bailed from this POS some months ago
        at 22 3/4 and decided to take my lumps, and go
        elsewhere. This Riggio scum is out to screw everyone. The
        Companies ( BKS and BNBN ) stink of self seeking interests
        and conflicts of interest. Was in BNBN also, and
        bailed ( thank goodness some time ago as well . PR at
        BKS and BNBN are basically nonexistent, although they
        continue to bitch at AMZN's PR. What a bunch of
        criminals they are!!

    • when Riggio sells B&N college bookstores (his
      privately held chain of appx. 400 stores) to BKS. This
      means that he is consolidating everything into one
      basket and getting ready to "explore his

      I would bet that it will come in the next few years
      as Lenny in 59 and realizes that the book business -
      especially the internet book business - takes more energy
      than he is willing to give.

      The only wild card
      is brother Steve and his future employment

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