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  • sonomaca sonomaca Jan 15, 2014 9:09 PM Flag

    Here's the problem

    Yes, LS will mercifully be gone in 4 months time. Yet, if he remains on the BOD, he might very well attempt to micromanage the company from the outside. Any good CEO they are lucky enough to find isn't going to be able to operate efficiently under those conditions, and so might not take the job in the first place.

    I am having grave doubts about the commercialization strategy. CEMI has zero experience. They want to build out a large organization to sell CEMI products and other companies' products. On what basis are they qualified to do this? Yes, if they get a crack CEO and national sales director with proven track records, that's one thing, but I certainly wouldn't want Larry Siebert or one of his similarly untalented minions directing this effort.

    If they have no CEO by March, I'm going to be very worried. Based on what the bumbler Siebert said, they haven't got any decent candidates after months of trying.

    The BOD should seriously explore the sale of this company if a decent CEO can't be found, lest Siebert or one of his hand-picked cronies bleed the company fruitlessly trying to build a sales organization.

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    • You should be ashamed of yourself. I called you out as not being CEMI friendly months ago...even though you pretended to be. It's OK that you hold a grudge against Chembio management. That's your right...but you're getting desperate lately with your rants. Thank goodness I don't have folks like you investing my money. You should never forget...Larry and his co-workers made this company. It was just about gone...before they saved it. The best is yet to come with Larry's input. Carry on bitter man.

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      • With all due respect, you must be fairly new to kicking the tires and investing in a management team that is able to execute. The fact that CEMI was not prepared for a PMA that would be required is certainly questionable. It also doesn't help that the current CEO continues to talk about the stock price and explain away every little drop. That shows signs of amateur-hour. No intelligent CEO in his right mind talks about their share price during a presentation. Why???

        Because they know full well that the stock price will appreciate if they can EXECUTE their business plan.

      • Did you listen to the presentation? It was an absolute train wreck. Either the guy is deliberately trying to damage the company or he's just losing it. Either way, he must be kept away from microphones at all cost.

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