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  • mdr0418 mdr0418 Nov 2, 2011 11:09 AM Flag

    Top line, margins and growth

    Investors are beginning to see the power in the growth, increased sales(rev) and increased margins going forward. The EPS last quarter essentially worked to allow one last chance to add to this company in single digits. The other key element that is not known to the outsiders is the FDA has absolutley no bearing on currrent pps and 80% of our potential market. FDA approval in the U.S. is not baked in so this news would provide a pop, some layered on rev and additional marketing so that everyone will soon realize that the implantable is the future and STAA is the tip of the spear.

    Long and Strong STAA

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    • comedieus your points are excellent, but I think the industry sees it differently.

      >I'm not imagining it as being very attractive for folks just looking for refractive correction.

      FWIW-I have a old snip from an overseas competitor company as to growth and outlook as they see it.

      Fiscal 2011 Business Overview and Results
      Intraocular Lenses (IOL)Intraocular Lenses (IOL) IOL Global Market sizeIOL Global Market size iSert™ pre-loaded IOL delivery systemiSert™ pre-loaded IOL delivery system

      The global economy remained overcast in 2010. Yet, it was against this backdrop that the global market for intraocular lenses (IOL) in the surgical treatment of cataracts grew 7% to 8% in size. In terms of the number of these cataract procedures, growth among major markets was approximately 3% in the U.S., 1% in Japan, 2% in Western Europe and 6% in China. Among emerging markets, India in particular exhibited exceptional growth. Longer term, the dollar value of this global market for cataract procedures is projected to grow from an estimated US$2.2 billion in 2010, to US$3.3 billion in 2015. Currently the majority of IOL surgically implanted to replace the eye’s clouded crystalline lens and restore vision are standard, aspheric single-focus lenses. But there is also a growing market for premium IOL, with a variety of corrective functions, that an increasing number of patients concerned with their quality of life are willing to pay for. Such premium, micro-incision IOL and toric IOL for correcting astigmatism, multi-focal IOL, and even a special IOL Hoya is developing for correcting presbyopia. This premium segment, involving not only the developed markets but the wealthier patients from China, India and other emerging markets, is where much of the market growth is expected to concentrate over the next five years.

    • Right on. Your point of view is excellent.

    • What was the revenue growth in the US for the ICL?

    • Interesting. It's along the lines of something I was mentioning to folks 3 years or so ago.

      One major drawback to this IOL based stuff tho...... how many people want to have their natural lens taken out and replaced? If it is degraded, sure. But personally, I think most people would rather keep their natural lens and minimize any physical changes as much as possible. Technology is always marching forward afterall, so it is nice to keep your options open as long as you can, until at some point you are forced to be tethered to the solution du jour by necessity. At least for me a big part of the beauty of the ICL was that you keep your options open.
      Someday into the future, perhaps I will have the need for IOL's. But if that day comes, it will be far enough into the future that I will be able to adopt the latest/greatest option available at that time.
      So while the new tech is quite interesting for the IOL side of things, I'm not imagining it as being very attractive for folks just looking for refractive correction.

    • I agree. Just as pharmaceutical companies need a pipeline. So do companies that specialize in eye care FDA approved products. The industry wouldn't be developing NEW IOL-INSERTER TECHNOLOGY if this wasn't the future.

      snip>Intraocular lens delivery systems often determine the success of cataract procedures, particularly when they are adapted to mesh seamlessly with changing surgical techniques, including smaller incisions. Innovations also must accommodate newer lenses appearing on the marketplace.
      At Staar Surgical, in Monrovia, Calif., Thomas Chambers, assistant vice president of corporate operations, said the newly developed MicroStaar foam-tip injection system is designed for the company's new collamer IOL, which has been approved for use in Europe, South Africa, and Brazil.

    • You need to be reminded Alcon has a new parent company. Nestles was looking to sell Alcon. Novartis is looking to grow it.

    • Please don't spread misinformation as you certainly would not be in a position to know that. Even if they did, that was last year and this is this year. When the TICL gets approved, they will be a more attractive acquisition candidate. I personally think we are not too far away from that major milestone.

    • You might need tio be reminded that STAA was shopped around a year ago. Alcon, and others passed.

    • Obviously, you miss my point.

    • Haha well played, well played.

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