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  • mtowler3 mtowler3 Oct 16, 2001 2:03 PM Flag

    Insider Buys

    They know more than we.
    I am also questioning the buy back situation and wonder what plan they have, but feel that somthing is coming. To quite for to long.
    Low volume indicates alot of people holding on for somthing.
    Come on ASKJ let us in on the game.

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    • It's Gat's, you're being critical of, but you're telling us nothing new, my good man. It's just those traits that always make him recognizable. And not to be critical it was message #22459.

    • these boards represent nothing more than something to pass the time away - everyone has a worthy opinion and sometimes, just sometimes someone posts something that makes you think. in the same way that a moment of challenge can define you as a hero for the rest of time, a passing comment can leave you caste aside as the fool you really are.

      the phrase "The dictionary is in my head. I have a college level vocabulary." in post#22659 reveals this poor character to be nothing more than a pretentious, arrogant bast*rd with his head so far up his own azzy he can smell his breakfast.

      .... just thought i would let you all know ....

    • You'd better hurry! Good luck selling after trading stops.

      gats...a merry Xmas

    • Your Right! You can always tell its gats because he always has back to back posts. I find it very sad that gats needs to validate his opinions by responding to himself. And gats before you respond to me, about what an idiot I am for being an investor in this company. I am planning to sell all of my shares by the end of the year and write off a tax loss. But please note you did nothing to influence my opinion on this stock. I just need the tax losses more than I need to wait for this company to make a profit.

      Take Care

    • Gatsby, are you in there? It is you Gats. You took my advice and changed one of your alias's. Just making sure who I'm talking with. I have to admit though, your doing a lot better job, disguising yourself.

      The Gats out of the bag.

    • dotcom_millionaire_chickendinner dotcom_millionaire_chickendinner Oct 18, 2001 11:33 AM Flag

      Can you understand the words that are coming out of my mouth?

    • dotcom_millionaire_chickendinner dotcom_millionaire_chickendinner Oct 17, 2001 7:46 PM Flag

      Too funny. People from Alabama buy the stock, and those from Berkeley (where it was founded) are telling them not to. Don't you think people in Berkeley might know just a tad bit more than you do about this company?

      How ironic. I should change my name to Cassandra. This is just the sort of thing I'm trying to prevent.

      I hope you make a fortune on this stock. I really do. Just think: if you plopped down $1,000 for 1,000 shares on this puppy, you would have $100,000 if the price went to $100. That would be a market cap of about $3 billion. With a market cap of $30 billion, you would be a millionaire. But that's never going to happen! Not unless Jeeves One is a killer app. Even if it is great at doing what it was designed to do, there's never going to be a big market for it. Certainly not big enough to support a $30 billion market cap, and probably not even a $300 million market cap. They may never even make enough money to justify a $30 million market cap.

      These are the odds you're looking at:

      $3 ....... 1:10
      $5 ....... 1:100
      $10 ...... 1:1,000
      $100 ..... 1:1,000,000
      $1,000 ... 1:1,000,000,000,000

      You should take your $1,000 and go buy 1,000 lottery tickets. Then your odds of winning $10 million is 1:50,000, assuming a 1:50,000,000 chance per ticket. 1:50,000 is better than 0:50,000.

      At least with the lottery you have a chance.

    • Had to check the board one more time.
      I am In Alabama right now but I live in Texas. I have been in and out of this stock before and have made money along the way. I believe ASKJ will be one of the companys that will survive but thats not to say they will be a huge operation. They have made changes and I think are addressing the market as it is not as we wish it would be.
      I have always been a strong buy but I admit I am a positive thinker.
      Bashers bother me because thay live in a world where negative rules. It works sometimes maybe as often as positive but I would rather smile.
      DotCom guy. Is way to hung up on his ego for me he needs to lighten up and learn to take it easy.
      I will not post anymore since it is to much like work and I have other things to do. Today was just a lark for me.
      Good Luck to all.

    • Who are you, I wonder? Were you a strong buy a couple days ago.

    • You really are delusional. I'm not trying to offend you but Battle told everyone how Q3 would pan out. Why would you expect something more than what he said. YOU PEOPLE NEVER CEASE TO AMAZE ME!

      Why can't people just take Battle's words for what they are, the honest truth. Q3 will pan out approximately like he said and everyone will be disappointed and say he lied.


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