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  • mdesjean mdesjean Nov 5, 2001 1:54 PM Flag

    Will Close Near Session Highs

    So much anfer on this board! Sad to see so many bashers but it's understandable in light of the tanking they've taken the past year and a half. On a more normal note;

    ASKJ will close near session highs for many reasons but most importan of all is that there is some large volume trades hitting the tapes and that is a good sign. We will probably see a Friday closing above $1.50 (maybe higher). There is only good news coming out of the PR releases and the stock appears poised to blow through $2.00 by the end of the year.

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    • A Chinese wall is just what Morgan Stanley seems to have been lacking over the last few years. Allegedly, that is. Of course, I'm sure the irony was unintentional.

      Lighten up, insiders. If this thing is going to the moon like you say it is, you haven't got anything to worry about. There is little I or Gats or Sosemas can do the stop this thing from popping if the fundamentals are there. It would be like defying the laws of Physics. Just like there isn't anything anyone can say on these boards to make it go up. If the fundamentals are there, it will go up.

      If it goes to the moon, all of you will be wealthier than you ever could have imagined, esp. now that you have a bunch of additional shares at a buck.

      So why don't you stop using four letter words, get back to work, and start reversing the fortunes of this company?

    • <EOM>

    • Since when does a PR department issue negative press releases? That's why they call it a public relations department. They are trying to improve the public relations, not make it worse.

      I think the anger comes from the other side. I've NEVER used words like FUCKO, COCKSUCKER, FAG, SUCK DICK, ETC ETC, until someone used those words against me. All I ever did was talk about facts, fundamentals, business conditions, and the company's prospects. Anytime I bring up facts about the company that insiders and longs want supressed, I get a barrage of insults and four letter words thrown at me. Never once have I had someone say something like "well, yes, revenue has been declining, but blah blah blah..."

      My, but aren't we the pot calling the kettle black.


      Ironically, my criticisms of the company might end up doing more good than the blind praise bandied about by all the longs on this board.


    • We've heard this same claim over and over, and the stock can't seem to get above 1 and change.

      Great chance to double your money. Also a great chance to lose half of it overnight.

      gats...las vegas in a nutshell.