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  • mmsa262 mmsa262 Dec 23, 2008 1:41 AM Flag

    here we go

    Interesting point since it is snowing up a storm here in So. Cal. Still, the store I frequent seems not so busy and the CA economy is near depression. Hopefully, however, the total value of the SPCH franchise will be so low someone will buck up for the footprint.

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    • yes, some stores are dogs. but there
      owner ship of goods, stores where rentals were removed seem to be reopening. with a long winter.sales are increasing. they may have a average christmas and an excellent spring. they allways have a unbealable after christmas sale. I have shopped on and off a the chain 20years. I have noticed prices are under most retail store by 10 to 20%.
      with the tight market quality of employee is way up. One thing interesting. Store clerks help me 10 years age are know store managers. and they offer to help me. I hope they have look at Traders Joes model. Store managers work thirty plus year. Make $100,000 plus all have same benifet package.
      some times stock shelves. know where the mouse came in,(dead in two days, with hole pluged.

      Down side. stores to big. Managers need to dress a little better,stores to look to big. they need rei type interior wall for mountering. A real internet sales organizion. And a mini marshalls or ross type section in inback for kids 50 to 70% off. with rear enterence and exit. Moma pay full price etc.

      If weather stays bad( rain and snow)

      go after all customer the left for REI, Adventure 16 type, and go after all the boy scout troops like stores stack back wall like old days, Have store employee learn german with austrian accents. Sales will easy double. the corner discount section with the 2 year old inventury can be pickup at .10 to .15 cent on the retail dollar.

      I have seen in the past 5000 ladies down jackets full length.LLBean Lable sell for $30.00 each. L.L. Bean rejected order wrong loft, back to china, right loft+++, shipping to late came in mid oct. it was in catalog. $240.00 Sold to broker in canada by Los Angeles briker. because of heat wave in oct and early nov.rejected again, then massive winter storm hits. guess what L.L. Bean paid $90.00 each. Broker also 2 years fisrt right on future excess before las Vagas trade show. the canadian broker also picked up a dozen other L.L. bean late shipments. all except 2, all resold a 2x what they paid for then.

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