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  • gene.foss gene.foss Jul 12, 2009 10:41 AM Flag

    Hoo Haa!!!

    Do I have to pay for this pscyhlogical profile? There is no grudge here. Merely a political opinion on the super short-sighted nature of American corporate culture. Your telling me that I'm angry. Obvivously there is no mirrors in your house. I am retired and living quite comfortabley, thank you very much. I think a better way to vent your anger is by continuing to work for SC..............

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    • I don't know where most of these retards live who want to bash sport chalet.

      But ifthey lived in Southern California and been to the Sport Chalet stores, they would not mind at all paying 2 / share for this stock and obviously if they would pay that much what do you think they would say about 20 cents a share or the current price 1.39.

      There is no way this company is going bankrupt. It is a far superior store in a not really overcrowded space in an active lifestyle region.

      If any sporting goods store does not deserve to be trading at a buck or two it is this one.