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  • stockperformance stockperformance Jan 13, 2010 3:05 PM Flag

    If you guys feel that PV is pulling a scam ....

    you better do something about it now and flood the SEC and Texas attorney general with your concerns otherwise when they change their name it will be late.

    Under no circumstances am I insinuating that PV is conducting in an unethical practice, I am just telling you guys to complaint if you have concern about the company.

    In my opinion, if they fine something fishy the merger would be temporary held.

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    • Only if he's in it.

    • I should add, back in 2006 when I invested, I had gotten a nice brochure in the mail that sounded quite convincing, and at THAT time touted New Market's price potential as being some multiple of a dollar. Let's not forget that's PRE-SPLIT. I now believe that was just another paid for advertisement by New Market. I blame myself for being suckered in, and in the end by the time I got out losing 95% of my investment. I would be down 99.9% probably now if I'd held on.

      This shows the pump and dump scheme has been going on for a long long time. Back then the price did go up for awhile after I bought in, but then not too long after started the steady downhill plunge that it has been doing the past few years. Back then there weren't so many PR's and the company at least seemed more legitimate than it does now.

      This is all just my opinion after now watching this company for 4 years roughly. It took me far too long to realize it was a scam, unfortunately, but such is life...

    • Do not under any circumstances go down there and throw a garbage can through the company window. Doing that and booting up the computer to find secret memos is not a good idea!

    • I unfortunetly have to agree. This company is behind in filing their Q's and at this point questions need to be asked about the financials of this company. Maybe someone who lives close to the Dallas Tx headquarters can stop in and see what's going on and ask some questions since PV will not take any questions in his web casts. Then report back to the board on what they found out. At this time all I see is a small man in a closet behind his power point, making things us as he goes..., PV please prove my opinion wrong. I do think it just may be time to get lawyers involved and the SEC.

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