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  • mmuddassir mmuddassir Apr 19, 2010 10:14 AM Flag

    It is not wise to short it any more. Do your own DD.

    The price will jump so rapidly that it will become impossible to cover it at a lower price. It is already too low.

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    • Do not listen to me. Do your own DD. Check how many shares are being shorted every day. Go to any source you think is reliable.

    • Your a company flak and have no credibility !

    • NWMT is a scam.

      If you or anyone else does the due diligence (DD) you talk about, that fact is patently obvious to even the most simple-minded person. For starters, just read the research and DD factual details contained in many of the posts with lots of red stars here in Yahoo.

      As for those who were so excitedly hyper-ventilating here last week about the PPS taking off like a rocket, what instead actually came to pass was very predictable. Namely, the PPS rose by three-tenths of a cent over the course of a day or two; then, all those excited and delusional persons who believe that NWMT is not a scam, and had previously loaded up on lots of shares, tried to sell (dump?) them on the market over the last few trading days. Since only such delusional people have actually been buying large quantities of shares, the PPS dropped like a rock and now, as of this morning, is back down to $.012. Moreover, you and the small number of others that are buying large quantities of diluted shares from PV and his minions are trying to sell your shares to one another!!! Nobody else will buy them. This downward force of nature on the PPS, plus the continuous dilution of shares by PV, will continue until NWMT ceases to exist.... which is not that far off in the future, IMHO.

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