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  • huikh2r huikh2r Jun 21, 2005 12:55 PM Flag

    Retracement Likely

    "The earnings news was expected after KBH reported last Friday, and LEN went up also, so there's nothing to drive this thing higher at the moment"

    That's not true. How much did KBH go up the day when it announced its earning? and how much did LEN go up the same day?!!!! KBH moved up 8%, but LEN only 2% that day.

    Now LENS gave a stellar earning as KBH, it deserves a 5-8% run today.

    Just wait a little bit, game is not over yet. $65 today at closing. A good chance for $66 today.

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    • Consider also that KBH's earnings were up 78% while LEN's were up 21%.

    • What LEN "deserves" is one thing, what it gets is another, I'm afraid. LEN is technically one of the weakest of the homebuilding stocks. (That's why I'm short LEN and not some other HB stock.) Maybe someone can explain why. Maybe it has something to do with the purchase of that (potentially polluted?) abandoned air force base. Who knows? It's true that LEN didn't go up as far as KBH on a percentage basis last Friday. It is also true that whatever you may think it "deserves," it is only up 1.8% today (so far), not 5-8% as you would wish. My guess is that it will end up even lower than it is currently. I base this upon the "churning" action indicated in such high volume.

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      • To think Lennar is not as favored as the other HB's because it bought that (polluted) air force base known as El Toro and Tustin is specious and almost comical. Those old bases in the heart of Orange County sit on some of the most valuable land in the country and represents a virtual annuity. Lennar stole that property and the clean up was baked into the anlysis. It is the primary reason I bought Lennar -- smart managment making smart long term decisions.

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