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  • lennardefects lennardefects Jun 18, 2007 6:28 AM Flag

    Homeowner to Lennar - Shame on You


    Homeowner to Lennar Corporate Officers and Board of Directors,

    April 11th of 2006, my husband and I moved into a �Premier� (standing inventory) house at Lamplight Glen @ Torrey Pines in Las Vegas, Nevada. For the first couple of months numerous defects were noted, fixed and the customer service was pretty good. After the third month, leaving numerous voice mails with Bob Cleveland and Robert Quinones , customer service reps from Lennar, we were disappointed to find that the customer care pretty much stopped there.

    By October of 2006, larger defects were noted, calls made and again, Bob Cleveland came to have a look at the cracked grout and then the cracking tiles. He stated that he found out that the tile had been discontinued and that he would ask around to see if other community projects he was working with, were using the same style of tile. By December, my floors in the foyer, kitchen and entry way to the garage had noticeable cracked tiles and still nothing was being done. Bob Cleveland called shortly after and said he might have found our tile and would bring a piece by to see if it matched. He never came by nor did he call to follow up on this issue. He also gave me the phone number for our new replacement rep, whose name was Al.

    After the tile company ISI rep (Michael Crain) came out whose company originally installed the tile and told our new customer service rep, Al, that the foundation was cracked, still nothing was done. Our new rep Al had no idea what was going on and said he would contact Bob Cleveland to get the specifics on the problem. Then Michael Crain with ISI came out again earlier this year to meet with Albert Salcido (our new customer service rep) and a gentleman with a foundation company. Michael Crain actually took up a tile to show the cracked foundation underneath. By this time the tile had been discontinued, no one knew how to handle the problem and we were left with pretty awful flooring in three rooms. We were told at this time by Albert Salcido verbally told us Lennar had approved the replacement of the tiles and to go to ISI and pick out a replacement tile to be installed and that is what we did within the following 10 days. These events all occurred within our first year home warranty and were duly noted to all concerned.

    In early March, I started calling Albert to see what was going to be done and he stated that the paperwork had been submitted and it would only be a matter of time before work would commence. A week later I phoned Albert and asked what was going on and that is when he asked if he and Craig Davila could come over and speak with my husband and I. Craig told us Lennar was NOT responsible for the cost of replacing the floors, ISI was, (not according to page 19 of your warranty pamphlet) The day they came over (March 25th, Wednesday), my husband came home from work to met with them at 12:00 noon and was given documents to file with the State Contractors Board to help remedy who was going to be paying for the re-tiling of our floors, Lennar or ISI (tile company). We were to fill out our section of the paper work, then Craig would fill out his section and turn it

    For the rest of the letter visit or email me: � If you have a defective home built by Lennar Homes, we can help you get results from Lennar Homes!

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    • the only thing that is supporting the door at this moment is a piece of plastic. as an today you can remove the plastic, unlock the door and fall down.

    • Shame on you for being a Dumb azz home owner for not hiring a home insepctor

      Shame on Mike for his agenda against Lennar because he thinks they owe him money

      Shame on mike thinking that everyone is wrong except him including all the judges his own attorney and lennar attorney.

      shame on Mike for taking his ball and going home.

      • 3 Replies to meatman5515
      • I see you're still at it Meatman. Why don't you post something other than rebuttals to e-mails noting poorly constructed Lennar homes. If I didn't know any better I would say your are obsessed with these e-mails or perhaps you're the Lennar counter to the poster noting the poorly constructed Lennar homes. At any rate, I would say that you are the dumb azzzzz not the others.

      • You are right. They should have hired Superman as their home inspector. He could have used his X - Ray vision to spot the badly poured concrete mix as it separated underneath the tile - on a NEW property that has a warranty.

        As home builders speed through slab foundation properties, they don't take time to let concrete cure or protect it as it dries in 100 degree heat.

        As a suggestion to the homeowner: Look into the history of the company that supplied the concrete, the mix that was ordered, and any additives that were used to "volumize" the mix.

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