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  • xfineazmanx xfineazmanx Nov 23, 2007 1:23 PM Flag

    Just a short covering rally! Bagholders, don't worry, Monday it will be down $2


    Well I had to cover my short position today so I could short again. I assume with the short day and such low volume, many are doing the same. Retail is going to suck big balls this year. I was just at the mall and you could roll a bowling ball down the middle of it and not hit a soul. This is at the largest mall in Arizona. So expect the worst of news next week. I can't wait for the $105 oil, the crashing dollar and the next crap homebuilding and retail reports next week. It is a bottomless pit and I love it. I thrive on bad news. I just shorted this POS to $12.43, next week I am going to make a killing.

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    • Wow. Such enthusiasm for his "$4 stock then a BK". Ummm, I always short cover when I'm sure the stock is going down something like -400%.

      Just proves a point. If you watch CNBC and then come to the Yahoo~ message boards for investment advice, well, good luck.

      Be careful here. Never listen to emotional arguments from people who you don't know or won't even tell you their real name. Do your research (yeah, I know, its not fun). Don't invest on headlines. Take a free adult ed class in finance. Or (gasp) read a book on investing.

      IMHO, this xfineazmanx guy is BS. Just like the spam you get that tells you to invest in some penny stock thats going big next week.

    • Good for you , your really smart.

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