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  • pirates144 pirates144 Dec 2, 2007 6:53 PM Flag

    Shorts are all out in fear here now I see..This

    news of cash infusion and removing the uncertainty must have you all scared. It should. You can argue all day about the #'s...etc and what a deal or not they got, but the key to the street is the "uncertainty" is gone. Now they have plenty of cash and a "soft landing" is being orchestrated by the gov't and banks. The tide is now reversed. You should be scared

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    • when there is no such a deal... people talk about the book value..
      when there is such a deal.. people talk about the getting rid of the lands delaying the BK..

      book value talk no more? ;)

    • See now you are talking logic. That I agree with. LEN has delayed the BK, I am not sure if I believe they will ever declare BK, I do however believe that this will be under $5 in 6 months.

    • You fool, if governments could orchestrate economies, we would have never had the great depression, and we would have never had the massive recession of the 2000.

      I am a short and I am concerned, which way this is going to go tomorrow, up or down. The last thing you want to do is guess the direction of the market lately. Only the mightiest traders will survive, in fact, they will make sh*t load of money on fools like me and you, who are busy fighting each other out on the yahoo boards.

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      • The gov't and the banks will orchestate a "soft landing", meaning they will not flood the market with houses. Like a stock that crashes from $40 to $10 in 2 weeks and then rallies to the low 20's. They are going to guide the housing market down to the low 20's. I trade like you do and have made a nice amount of money shorting the financials and the housing stocks. This was mostly a few months ago. I have a real feeling the tide has turned and I don't get these feeling very often. I have been trading successfully (mostly) since the tech boom crashed. We shall see and it will be interesting. Your personal stuff directed toward me means absolutly nothing. I'm just passing time here and filtering out the crap from the well intentioned

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