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  • sherlockshah sherlockshah Feb 6, 2008 4:14 PM Flag

    It says ex dividend date 02,06,08

    which is today?? dividend pay date is 19th?? does that mean if you held the stock at the close of today you get the dividend?? I hope this starts to crash tommorow and all the way til options cause other wise im toast. Maybe the shorts covered at a huge profit and did want to fork up the dividend, im not sure im just trying to think why this stock has not cratered yet, Hope it goes down 5 dollars tommorow or more :)

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    • You are correct, if you bought the stock mid-day on the 6th then you would not get the dividend.

      For certain if you bought before close on the 5th, then you would get the dividend, or if you sold before close on the 5th then you lose the dividend.

      As far as "Before open", I'm not so sure. If you bought in pre-market, you would probably not get the dividend, but I've never sold or bought in pre-market, nor after-market the day before.

      I have had calls exercised or assigned with the stock transaction showing up in my account sometime during the night before ex-div. If I got the stock then I got the dividend and if I lost the stock then I did not get the dividend. I've never seen a real clear explanation about after-market or before-market, other than for certain before close the day before. The definition of ex-div date is that it is the date that the stock trades without the dividend.

    • You are looks like a perfect short in every respect. The only problem is you need to convince all of the institutions to sell and they don't want to take a loss, so they just keep buying up the float. Institutions/unfair business bailouts by the gov/ and manipulation play major roles in this stock and it has killed the retail shorts. I hope reality sets in and the government will step out of the way to allow fair competition and allow huge companies that had poor risk management to finally take their medicine for their poor business practices.

    • To clarify, you had to own the stock at the open. If you bought it mid-day on the 6th then you would not get the dividend.

    • I think it cannot stay on green if other HBs are down again tomorrow even if dividends are paid on Friday record. However, don't expect it will tank a couple of points. I don't think this one will hit $12.50 before Feb options expire unless LEN has very bad news or market crashes.

    • If you owned the shares at the open today you get the dividend.

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