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  • honest_repub honest_repub Aug 1, 2013 8:02 AM Flag

    Here's What I Don't Get, Bernake Said All Along that the "Tapering" Would Begin When U/E Reaches 6.5%

    So, that means a year from now or maybe two. Why did this cause everyone to think he meant "Immediately"?

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    • I don't get it either but here's more baffling news. Even though it's becoming obvious they won't taper for quite awhile, two Fed chiefs came out recently and said tapering would "probably" begin in September. Can we get ONE opinion out of these guys that's consistent? No wonder the markets are selling off. Even the ones making these decisions are clueless as to when the tapering is going to happen.

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      • Nice post catdance. To answer your question I must delve into areas not easily discussed. Beginning in 1913 with the Federal Reserve Act, our entire money system has been a criminal, Zionist created ponzi scheme. As soon as a dollar comes into existence, a certain amount of debt is attached to that dollar in the form of interest. The money supply and interest rates are controlled by a small group of Zionist thugs. They will use subversion whenever it suits them. That's why nothing makes sense until you know the truth.

      • Sadly, Wall street runs the US government, not the other way around. The Gov keeps saying they will raise interest rates because they know they have to but Wall street won't let them. They're going to keep the rates way too low for way too long until everything blows up again. The next bubble to burst might be multifamily homes and apartment buildings.

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