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  • fatfighter59 fatfighter59 Jul 3, 2014 3:30 PM Flag

    Hi - New here

    I got my shares because I bought Sandstorm Metals a couple of years ago. My shares were decimated by falling prices and 2 reverse splits and now I have 2.28% of my original investment left. lol They aren't worth enough to bother trying to sell them so just holding on for the learning experience. Something similar happened with my gold and silver mining stocks. Don't know if this is a scam but I sure did learn what they meant when they said "risky".

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    • fat,
      I'm still a bit underwater on this stock, but will hit BE if it returns to $9.44 a share. Fortunate for me, my investment here is very small ... $2000.00.

      I hope you have diversified into other segments of the market and kept your PM risk around 20-30% of your portfolio. If so ... you'll be fine.

      For long term sleep easy investments, look at AAPL, MO. and DNOW. Everyone should place bets on these for longer term wealth. Both AAPL and MO pay healthy dividends and DNOW will eventually.

      Buy AAPL and MO in your Roth IRA, and DNOW in your general account. Move DNOW to the Roth when they begin paying a dividend.

      Good luck!

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      • Thanks for the advice, I really don't know what I am doing (besides losing money). I started buying stocks to keep myself out of the casinos and I have done about as well at it as I do at the slots, which isn't pretty. I would be giving any profits to my granddaughter if there were any. I do own PSEC in her name that pays nice dividends so maybe I should put it in her husband's IRA. I also have a gold stock that pays a very small dividend but 15% foreign tax is taken off the top. I used Scottrade and they even make these reverse splits worse by charging me $20 "reorganization" fees.

    • Fear not , farfighter , The FED and other central banks have been using every trick in the book to suppress the gold price in an effort to maintain credibility in paper currency .. But the party is soon to be over.
      The upside correction will be swift and brutal ..
      .Only entities with immense reserves of bullion...and a willingness to dump it will be able to restrain the price .
      There is already mounting suspicion about how much gold the US FED still owns vis a vis the billboarded "8,ooo Tons " ...stay the course !

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