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  • sharksting2002 sharksting2002 Nov 6, 2009 9:23 AM Flag

    Very funny!

    Some bash while others pump!
    An endless viscious circle of spewing nonsense.
    VSPC is a penny stock people! Of course it is in financial trouble or it wouldn't be a penny stock.It is extremely high risk and those who don't think so shouldn't be in stocks at all.
    Also 95% of them that reach this level are gone in a few years.This is a speculation and not an investment.

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    • pharmacognosist Nov 6, 2009 10:54 PM Flag

      This might just be a penny stock and that 95% fold in 2 years but they did not have a Dr.K and the products we have. In conclusion, I'll second the motion of another poster that this is going to make us millionaires.

    • I agree whole heartedly with your assessment! However, unlike other pennies I own, this has three lifelines and potential partners in the wings in areas of high demand (energy/tech/military). I like the odds on this one very much! .029 is still a deal! I will continue to accumulate to 2.5 million shares. I posted earlier that 1.5 million was enough, but decided to wager more on this one. Real products, innovations and connections!

    • rod4184 Nov 6, 2009 9:59 AM Flag

      If you think the company is in trouble why are you here. Have you called and talked to management? Have you contacted their partners to confirm agreements? Have you read their VGE SEC filing. Sounds like you haven't done anything but talk. Thats cheap. Put up or shut up! Many on this board due a ton of d/d and help in many other ways with reaserch!

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      • Rod. I like you am a long with a large holding, however I think all Shark was trying to say, is that VSPC is a high risk position, or else it wouldn't be a penny stock. I am aware of this, and play the game rish/reward. I started buying at .0126 and am averaged to .0178. I also realize that although there are many exciting facets to this company, the reality is, it is still about having the cash to execute all these avenues. Obviously, I feel everything looks extremely postive, however I am also astutely aware, that this VSPC could fold if it doesn't get resolution to Chang in a favorable light (we still owe him a lot of dough and we don't have it) and also being able to bring DMFC's to the market (looks promising but no contracts yet) DP successful partnering with VGE (they are testing, but all we have is an MOU)
        I am not speaking for everyone I realize, but I don't mind comments on this board which are sobering. It keeps everything real for me.
        Again, Rod, I am with you. I am very excited about this company or else I would not have bough over 3M shares and am looking to increase my position dramatically in the next 30-60 days. I am waiting till after Chang gets sorted out, because if he gets a large block of VSPC shares, then there will be dilution and the SP will drop. JMHO GLTA

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