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  • oceanfreeoceanfree oceanfreeoceanfree Oct 5, 2011 10:38 PM Flag

    Waste Management World!

    Then type in DP Thailand! More Info! Okay Goodnight!

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    • I hear you on the personal attacks, that's why I don't post to often I just read, observe and continue my dd.You know I had forgotton about that animal feed avenue...your right, why is that not already producing some profits for VSPC? You would think that's an easy sell. Sometimes I think VSPC is still so small they just don't have enough manpower to do all those little things/but important that it takes to sell a product. I think the first thing that's going to move this will be a contract with DP or maybe even someone we don't know about, just my opinion, I mean jmho sorry I forget texting jargon. I hope on the next qrtly. we continue to see profits from the framed arts, hopefully green logs is making some profit even though not sure this time of year is great for log sells. You know if they had more distributors to get that product in the market I think it could lead to many more things. Think if every Wal-Mart, Home Depot and the rest carry Green Logs the recognition alone should draw attention to their other business. That the thing though with us lowly investors we don't know what going to happen, so we continue to wait and dream. I finally priced down to .01 a share after selling a few when it spiked to .04. Been adding at or below a penny for sometime now. Hope it all works out for us. Patients hard but valuable! :) Nice talking with Rick, have a great weekend. Hopefully I speak to you again, I'll be around.


    • jp,I appreciate your response, rather than the personal attacks the seem so common on this board. Regardless of which arrangement they pick, I hope that Viaspace finally profits from it. The longs really deserve something positive after maintaining their continued support. My breakeven point is nearly $0.03, even after dollar cost averaging, due to my high initial investment price.

      I was looking at another site (other than Viaspace) about GKG. It said that it was originally developed to feed animals and fish, not for biomass. Why haven't they been able to get some short term business from that market to generate some profits? You would think that China, at least, would have a demand for animal feed crops, due to their growth.

      We shouldn't be far from the next quarterly report. I hope that it shows significant growth, as did the last one. What are you expecting? Thank you, Rick

    • i'm with you

    • rod4184 Oct 7, 2011 12:29 PM Flag

      Here is the bottom line supply,supply, supply. The question that has been delaying deals from closing. So DP gives Thailand almost a guarnatee that feedstock for the plant willbe available. Pretty wise for DP to help close their deal with GKG as a backup until plants realize its a better biomass regardless. Cheaper, hardier and more plentiful. Thats all!

    • Yeah sorry about that Rick...I think what I was referring two has been in some of the press releases. Meaning they have different plans to implement use of GKG. 1 was to sell the end user the rights and provide seedlings and consulting for a negociated price. That means the plant/end user would have to have land available to grow and process GKG. The other would be like the process they have already started in the domincan where end users purchase pellets directly from VSPC and we ship them to the location. If I recall they also mentioned selling GKG to process into biofuels. So yeah your right still some specific questions to be worked out...which is what I think is happening as we speak. Once those little details are ironed out we should see contracts & a lot of them! That presentation did remind me that dedicated energy crops will provide more incentives than wood pellets...which is another plus GKG has (dedicated energy crop). I've been a long for years as best of luck to us!

    • Biomass Land Grab Could Spell Trouble For World's Poor
      First Posted: 10/5/11 06:34 PM ET Updated: 10/5/11 06:34 PM ET

      From EarthTechling's Lauren Craig:

      The food-versus-fuel debate has typically been used in reference to farmers in industrialized countries growing food crops, such as corn, to sell to biofuels producers. However, there is another side to the debate. The International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED), a non-profit research institute based in London, is raising concerns that rising global demand for biomass fuels could lead to a race for land acquisition in the developing world, with serious implications for communities that grow their own food.

      As countries in the global north increase their use of biomass to reduce reliance on fossil fuels and meet ambitious renewable energy targets, the demand for wood and other biomass crops could exceed supply by up to 600% in some countries. Some countries, including Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, Sweden and the United Kingdom already import increasing volumes of wood pellets. According to the IIED, this trend, combined with the tropics’ high growth rates, cheap land and low costs of labor and the rising price of fossil fuels, could lead more countries to look toward Africa, South America and South Asia as sources of biomass fuels.

      There is evidence that this is already happening. For example, in 2010, a US company secured a 49-year lease on 5,000 hectares of land in Ghana for a plantation to produce feedstock for biomass power plants. The same company also operates in Guyana, and intends to establish energy crop plantations in Madagascar, Mozambique and Tanzania.

      Governments hope that this increased private investment will lead to job creation and further action toward mitigating climate change. But, in many parts of the developing world, poor people have weak or non-existent land rights. If governments choose to lease large areas of land for fuel wood plantations, the IIED warns that many rural communities could lose access to land which they have farmed for generations, and on which their survival depends. The entire policy brief can be found here.

    • sorry but your math is wrong:

      from Viaspace: yield/year

      GKG 100-135mt/ha --> 1840-2484 GJ/ha

      Switchgrass 25mt/ha --> 448GJ/ha
      Miscantus 39mt/ha --> 698GJ/ha
      Palm Oil 3.5-5.0 mt/ha --> 147-210GJ/ha

      1 year has 8760 hours --> GKG(25mt/h) = 219'000mt --> 2190ha or 5409.3acr

      for example, Miscantus needs for the same energy quantity 5773ha or 14'259.5acr

    • rod4184 Oct 7, 2011 9:38 AM Flag

      Each plant generates up to 16 seedlings. And are harvested from the lower part of the plant so it is not necessary to wait to maturity. One of the qualities of GKG is the time to harvest and the exponential plants that can be planted in a short period of time. Harvest at least twice per year and potentially three.

    • It produces seedlings, like similar grasses.

      With a yield of 25 Tonnes/Hectare/Yr and a need of 25 Tonnes/Hr, that works out to be about 22,000 acres or 34 square miles. That is a large area to cover and will take a while to do so, which was my point.

    • This plant does not propagate through the roots.

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