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  • wareham2620 wareham2620 Jan 17, 2010 8:01 PM Flag

    What are the investor's doing to help sales?

    Well you have done more than your share.I thank you for it.

    If we would all just write our own county.We should beable to get things going.

    I have written my County Administrator on 12/8/09.I send my letter certified return receipt.

    The area I stated in my letter was where a friend was hit and killed by a car.The news didn't say her death was due to no street lighting in that area.But many of her friend thought so.I didn't mention her death in my letter.If our County Administrator was to drive by that area at night he would know it NEEDS street lighting.

    Subject: Street lights.

    Dear ............,County Administrator:
    I'm writing you concerning the needed street lights ,in and around the ............................................area. Also, an article I've read. How Sarasota county ,Fl. was saving approximately $14,000 per year in energy and maintenance costs.
    How ?

    Sarasota county project,
    "The project calls for Sunovia to provide 148 EvoLucia(TM)-brand 120W LED cobra head-style street lights. Because the LED lights are extremely energy-efficient and require no maintenance for 12 years, the lights will save Sarasota County approximately $14,000 per year in energy and maintenance costs. Further, the LED lights will reduce carbon emissions by approximately 710,730 pounds over 10 years."

    As I looked into this further I've found another article ,

    "Marines Get Better Outdoor Light, and Cut Electricity by Half, at Camp Lejeune"

    I've enclosed a copy of both articles in hopes you would look into this. Not just to help us taxpayers with the energy and maintenance costs.But this may also help bring new jobs to our county.

    Also, you could save us even more tax money ,if you were able to replace our old Street lights .

    The company information.

    Sunovia Energy Technologies, Inc.
    6408 Parkland Drive
    Suite 104
    Sarasota, FL 34243
    Phone: 941-751-6800
    Fax: 941-751-3583

    Thanking you for your time and consideration in this matter.



    In response to my letter .
    I was thanked for the articles and informed our county is looking into the LED light technology referred to in those articles .Our county has applied for a grants to implement energy saving investments.One proposal provides an inventory of outdoor lights on roads,in parking lots and at park facilities that could be replaced with LED lights.

    They also stated ,We are hopeful that the next article will reflect the economic energy and environmental advantages of these lights to our local taxpayers.


    Well best of luck to all .

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    • seems there are a number of us getting the word out...all good this is the basic letter I have been sending

      Dear ..........

      I am writing , as a concerned U.S. citizen, in hopes of making you aware of a new commercial lighting product I have recently read about in several articles from around the country. One of these articles describes how a local government in Florida is saving $14,000 a year in energy and maintaince costs by installing just 148 energy saving Streetlights on their main thoroughfare. Think of the savings on a much larger scale municipal government or military project !
      Evo Lucia Brand LED Cobra Head lighting manufactured by Sunovia Energy Technologies of Sarasota FL utilizes focused , or Aimed Optics , which along with other new state of the art components, save taxpayer energy dollars and provides a much more desireable lighting enviroment. Unlike other brands Cobra Head Lighting can be retrofitted to existing light poles for even more savings.
      For this reason the installation cost savings for a project can be phenomenal.
      Cobra Head lighting will generate savings for a full 12 years without ANY type of maintainence. Sunovia is also developing a solar streetlight which allows for use in areas with no existing power.
      As I am sure you are aware, in the coming years, much of our government tarp money is scheduled to be released for construction upgrades around the country.
      Again as a concerned citizen, I have sent along this company's basic brochure, and several articles from around the country, in hopes that your city, county or corporation might consider this option for any upcoming lighting projects.
      I have sent a similar letter to others in industry and government across the country
      in hopes that they will promote this lighting option in military and government installations, as they did in Sunovia's Camp Lejune project earlier this year.
      Choosing this lighting option, and Sunovia, for upcoming lighting projects would not only save taxpayer dollars , but would promote growth in our economy by utilizing a product, developed in America , manufactured in America, and distributed by an American Company.
      The time for change has never been so apparent, and we as Americans, have a duty to endorse smart, energy efficient choices which will help propel us into the 21st century. Led lighting from Sunovia is one of these choices which would serve our country well.

      Thank you for your time and concern..hopefully it will be worth it!!



      Fairview, Tex

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