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  • raldor1 raldor1 Sep 26, 2007 12:20 AM Flag

    cant go up forever

    The company must fall, nothing goes on forever, correction will happen, I got my 25 percent in 1 month and am out.

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    • I dont know where the hell you've been for the past 3 months, but were just coming out of the correction, hence the rally

      earnings growth is strong and there is no reason for this stock to turn around now.

      If you want to bash a stock there are tonnes of other stocks in much worse position, i dont know why you would bash this

    • "The trend is your friend" was Marty Zweigs favorite bull market quote. The best thing to do is not sell out but rather set sell stops and/or sell your original investment and keep the rest in the stock or sell 1/2 and do the same. I've owned PCP since 1978-79. I've sold saome along the way but have never sold all and I'm not sorry. Cost basis is a couple bucks and it's in an IRA. Sold all my taxable stuff several years ago and yes, I'm sorry but not sad. Who said investing was easy?

    • Get a life and get back in the stock before you lose more money by not being a investor of a great company, if you are negative about the stock, that does not mean it will go down because you are speaking, I listen the company to own the stock, not yon, sorry.

    • Yes, nothing goes up forever but with PCP breaking out of a seven week consolidation making record highs and with aerospace booming globaly and dreamliner big bucks not yet but soon to be realized is atleast telling me this is not at all the time for a fall, IMO.

      Just because you sold doesnt mean you sold at the top and the stock will fall. After gaining over 14 points last week PCP gained again this week at a lower rate. This is showing that there is a continuation buying and not selling interest.

      Congrads on your profits...

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      • I can't hold my position forever, so I agree.

        Probably the worst time to sell right now from a company perspective, but maybe not for an ivestor/trader who has made their 30% in a short time. For those who sold... move on... no reason to look at this message board anymore. Time to find the next big thing...

        That is... unless you are unsure and second guessing your decision... and need to reassure yourself by posting messages and defending yourself. Move on... take out the emotion from your trading.

        I'm a long term holder and know this industry. Eventually it will have a down cycle... but that is still far off. Listen to the webcast of the BofA investor conference and look at the earnings growh. Not just in terms of size, but in terms of margins. All looks really good right now.

        If you are worried about a terrorist event or a 787 delay that will hurt this stock... then just Short Boeing as a hedge. Suppliers have all the power in this industry right now as Boeing has no one to turn to in order to supply parts except for Alcoa subs and PCP subs. Classic Porters 5-forces analysis will tell you who will profit the most from this cycle. Any further delays in the 787 will be due to suppliers opening up capacity to Non-Boeing supply being late on those orders.... They still get paid and Boeing takes the bad press and the stock hit.

    • As long as the earnings go up, the stock price will go up. Mark Donegan and his financial guys always keep a little in reserve to make up for weak quarters plus there are more acquisitions on the way (immediately accretive to earnings).

    • Agree. Without further acquisitions, the stock can not go up forever.