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  • bbqguy260 bbqguy260 Jul 11, 2008 2:01 PM Flag

    Why PCP will nail earnings

    Should have said COL!

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    • I've owned PCP several times in the last couple of years. Got in initially at $84 and rode it up for a nice gain and took profits in the $140s. Been in and out a few times since then but only for a swing trade of a few days or weeks. I have it on my Watch List and check it occasionaly but it's not the PCP I knew a year or more ago.

      The downturn in Boeing and the entire aerospace industry has taken it's toll on PCP whether it's deserved or not and isn't going to get better any time soon. I can't imagine a very upbeat earnings report or outlook for the next few quarters.

      I'll probably just take this one off my Watch List. Just too many other opportunities in Ag, Chemicals, Steel, etc.

      Good luck to those still holding PCP!


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      • PCP and it's other aerospace companies have one major problem,the lead times for their products are 2-3 years because of material shortages cause by the emergence of China and India in the industrial product world,I know that because I worked in inside sales dept. for their Aerospace fastener division for 10 years,the lead times used to be 3-6 months in the 90's,customers dont have 2-3 years to get their production lines going,Aerospace is an up and down world,you have to get your order going NOW before it's too late.

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