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  • thebenchwarmer000 thebenchwarmer000 Mar 10, 2008 3:04 PM Flag

    Never buy anything CRAMER recommends...

    I made the mistake of buying NYX over a year ago at $100 a share after he called it his stock of the year and said it'd got to $200.

    I was really interested in PBR at about $112... then CRAMER recommended it and I saw it shoot up to $120s... I refuse to touch this till the "cramer effect" pushes it below $100 a share.

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    • is it possible you just took his word for it like i did? did you trust him more than the info you were getting elsewhere? we cant blame him for us listening to him. that is where the rubber hits the road.its my fault for listening to him.

    • Look folks, you can't buy or not buy a stock just because Mr. Cramer recommends it.
      If you try to go with that type of nonsense... you will never be a simply be in or out of the right stocks.

      Forget about Cramer one way or the other.

    • Cramer recommended this in the 70's the "Effect" is long past, Looks like your out. I can't complain about Jim's pick here, I'm up over 60%.

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      • I dont watch the guy myself but I know who he is. Any portfolio to me without oil is crazy to me, and even if you only have 1 or 2 oil picks, would be tough pressed to recommend few others oil plays over PBR for the long term (my timeframe is 5-10 yrs). Got into PBR last summer right before its split (to 60's) and havent sold yet. Dont imagine I'll sell a drop of any of my oils for the next 10 years, especially a Brazilian integrated co like this baby. Even if you or a friend you know has only 5-10 k in the market, Id steer them toward at least 10 shares of PBR. And personally, I bought more SLB last week as well as Noble (NE). But NE has been lagging RIG and DO for so long, I keep waiting it to break out from its peers, but it hasnt this past year, so that wasnt a good call on my part. But I still have kept buying NE whenever it was in 45 - 48 range recently.

        Dream pick - HAL several months back at 33 ish....hoping some sovereign fund from Qatar or Dubai buys it for $55-60 a share (bet it happens by spring 2009).......thats as "speculative" as I get when it comes to Oil (I dont play the ALYs of the world, ecc)

    • I bought in at $90 in late January and sold at $125 after the Cramer effect ran its course. I'd be very happy to buy back in at or near $100, because I think this is one stock that will go up in spite of (not because of) Cramer. Brasil is a real powerhouse of an economy supported by enormous natural resources and an improving educational system. There was very little confidence in the business community that Lula would turn out to be as good for the economy as he has been. The Brasilian currency has actually gained even more against the U.S. dollar than the mighty euro since Lula was elected, and I can see this trend continuing. Lula was an avowed Socialist who said what he had to say to get elected, but then he did the right thing. That gives me a lot of hope that Obama (who has been compared by some to Lula) could prove to be a lot better for the country than many people expect. Anyway, I have very little confidence in anything that Cramer recommends, but PBR stands on its own strength and needs no boosterism from Cramer.

    • I would buy it right now at $112. Get in before the price goes higher and before the split.

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