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  • genetics4rfuture genetics4rfuture Jun 26, 2008 1:58 PM Flag

    FACT: 90% of American's pay less taxes under OBAMA!

    This is the real truth. Obama helps the vast majority of American's save more money which allows this huge middle and upper middle class buy more things which KEEPS OUR ECONOMY going.

    McCAIN will continue the corrupt and destructive policies of Bush which has destroyed the dollar and put money in the hands of the ultra rich War Profiteers. Imagine the costs to the US economy of another 10 or 20 or 50 years of car bombings, dead troops and blown up humvees in Iraq.

    Iraq IS NOT JAPAN McCAIN!! Crazy ass muslims have been warring for thousands of years and you thinking that Iraq will become a nice, cute South Korea only shows how delusional your old wrinkled brain is.

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    • You are reciting poltical buzz words. How would a serious stock market player take your remarks serious? It is not clear if you are including the life time welefare recipents, Social Security disability recipents, SSI child recipents, et als. Your argument is not well placed on stock message board.

    • And you really think Obama has a better brain than McCain?
      Look Moron, we have no choices who we are going to vote for.
      We have an inexperienced black men who thinks he can rule the USA and we have an old men who got more experience than Obama. You call this choices?? We are all screwed!!!!!

    • 90%? Not 87%? Not 92.3%? 90%, huh? Well then,I guess I'd better vote for him if he's that good with numbers!

    • 1.3mm families pay 10 times more than the lower 67 million families

      1% of taxpayers pay 38% of total tax

      5% pay over 60%

      10% pay over 80% and creates 80% of new jobs

      the middle third pays less than 10%

      the lower 50% pays less than 5%

      these numbers have been roughly the same since reagan left office. by cutting the marginal rate from 70% to 28%, he increased the share paid by the upper 1% from 16% to 36%

      the upper 1% in america pays a far greater share than their counterparts anywhere in thw world, sweden being a distant second

    • "Crazy a*$ muslims" flew American planes into a couple of big buildings in the Big Apple, the Pentagon, and if not for a bunch of extremely heroic American passengers, would have flown another plane into the White House.

      A decorated war hero friend of mine recently told me terrorism is a hard enemy "because we don't know where to deliver the mail!"

      It is now well known that Iraq was probably a big mistake and this will haunt the Bush history for years to come. However, to elect Obama, in my opinion, would be to jump from the frying pan into the fire. There is just something about him that scares me in the event terrorists were to strike again in the U.S. - and at the risk of sounding very pessimistic, I think they will regardless of who is president. These people want western folks, especially of the American flavor, DEAD - PERIOD. I would rather have a strong Commander in Chief that the rest of the world thinks is a little salty and will "throw down" to protect their country instead of an "well, now, let's just talk about this" type of person.

    • Explain to me exactly how 90% of Americans would pay less taxes under Obama. I hadn't heard that he was proposing any tax cuts.

    • I think we're still in Iraq to keep the pressure on Iran to not develop nuclear weapons. Imagine the cost to America if Iran becomes a nuclear-armed mortal enemy of the US. That's why congress continues to vote for war funding....because the congressmen on the intelligence committees are briefed on how serious this threat is and they pass this information on to the House and Senate leadership.

      Can you imagine a world where terrorist nations have nuclear arsenals and blackmail us constantly by threatening to put a nuke in a cargo ship and blow it up in New York harbor or in the SF Bay? I suggest you rent the movie entitled "The Sum of All Fears" and watch it carefully. It is not a far-fetched scenario. That's why we're still in Iraq and why NATO is still in Afghanistan. We cleaned out Al Qaeda in three months. NATO is still in Afghanistan to keep the pressure on Iran. I do think Obama understands this and if elected he will not withdraw from Iraq.

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      • That is basically correct. My conclusion is that we went into Iraq to stop Saddam's nuclear weapons program and to control territory next door to Iran to pressure them to stop their nuclear program. It worked too because Iran stopped its nuclear weapons program in 2003. From what I've read, Saddam had a big pile of uranium ore at one facility that he was slowly enriching into weapons grade uranium. He hadn't gotten too far yet, maybe 10% enriched, but it was only a matter of time and we probably had intelligence that he wanted to attack us and/or Britain with a nuclear weapon.

        It also looks to me like our invasion of Agghanistan had been in the works for a few years and was initially planned during the Clinton administration. That invasion went so fast and so smoothly, with great coordination with the Northern Alliance...I think it had to have been planned and prepared for years in advance. 9/11 was the trigger that set the plan in motion.

    • you are wrong on all the above, tax the business man and you we are going down big

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