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  • ilap2004 ilap2004 Feb 28, 2009 11:33 PM Flag



    "Every time the guy speaks, the Dow starts falling," complains one venture capitalist, Ross Manel of ReStart Group in Addison, Texas.

    He's a genius, but someone forgot to tell Wall Street. But every political science and communications major still knows he's a genius. Around 10 years from now when the BS that's been crammed into their heads has cleared, they'll figure out who the fraud they voted for really is (well some will).

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    • Like the current situation has anything to do with Obama... Apparently you've forgotten who got us into this mess over the last 8 years. Let me guess... bet you voted Republican... the folks with no plan, no vision, just more of the same.

      Oh, and this is just precious: "He's a genius, but someone forgot to tell Wall Street." Like we should put our trust in whatever Wall Steet believes...

      Dude, do what Wall Street wants and you are doomed... can't you feel the love they've been throwing your way.. LOL

    • not a fraud. Actually he believes his plans , did to the T what he said he would do and now people are surprised at this??
      Not saying his plan will work or not but the people need to learn the hard way or a different way, willed to give him a chance.
      Kinda like the market. People have seen huge swings in the market they figured what have we to lose so they gamble with obama.

    • lol. you make me laugh obama is the best thing to happen to the WORLD in years not just the US. watch the news sometime and see how he might actually bring peace to this crazy world. And he inherited this disaster from bush and greenspan. bush didnt know which way was up or even cared to get involved. obama puts the work in, take notes from a winner. P.S. PBR rallies this week! woohooo

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