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  • btdt100 btdt100 Mar 2, 2009 4:56 PM Flag


    Why don’t you talk about Europe after WWII and all the spending the govs did during the war? What about all the debt taken on during the war by Europe owing to the US? Would that be an example of how government expansion and spending spurred their economies to prosperity or to depression? That’s okay, I will answer the question. Europe was in great depression from all that debt they owed the US and the destruction of their factories. The US fared very well after the war because we were holding the debt and our factories were ready to produce and sell more. It wasn’t the government expenditure that spurred our growth. It was the production of goods sold to those European countries by our private industries during and after the war. Like what has been happening with China while we chased “terrorists” through the mountains of Afghanistan and deserts of Iraq .

    If one Republican sounds like another, it is quite rude to suggest that they are simply drones of Fox or Rush.

    Markets being controlled is of concern, managed is not. Everyone opposes controlled unless they are doing the controlling (called human nature) That is why we have antitrust laws. One of the easiest ways to control a market is through a strong centralized government.

    Ah, yes the rich get richer at the expense of the poor Good old Marxist class warfare. But Marx was predicated on the false premise that there was a two class system, the rich and the poor, no middle class which is where most of us exist and always have. When Obama is talking 250K as the rich, he is actually promoting that same erroneous premise of Marx and dividing us into rich versus poor. Ugh. Isn’t the year 2009?

    I would agree that we need infrastructure spending but I like many others, am
    disappointed in the lack of such in Obama’s budget. The greatest transfer of wealth to foreign countries occurs in oil. Again, I like others, am disappointed with lack of a program for domestic independence and instead, tax programs that are going to further accelerate our dependence on foreign oil. There was an Obama guy on TV earlier saying so what, the price of gas at the pump is half of what it should be so there is plenty of room there for them to tax. Want to tell me musketeer what that means when the oligarchy that controls oil finally gets that price back up? Things will be the same for the poor and middle class?

    Affordable healthcare? Are you serious? All I have seen in his program is guaranteed insurance, subsidized by the federal government, which means the rest of us. And caps on prices paid to doctors. You know Muskateer, medical schools are having trouble making their enrollments – there is no money in being a doctor anymore. So reduce that even more and what are we going to have? But as they say, follow the money and see who is going to capitalize off of our new health system. Who was Daschle a lobbyist for?

    Education? The federal government is going to improve on that? What makes those jokers in Washington more competent than the parents in local communities? Oh that is right, it is much easier for the education lobbyists to get what they want in much higher dollar volume, and the government can control what is taught. Not a good system Muskateer, whether it is democratic values or republican, the two should be completely separated. One can easily track the decline in our systems to the increases of fed intervention. The whole department needs to be closed.

    Yes the bankers are mostly democrats, unscrupulous and overpaid charlatans. I am not aware of a period of time in my life when they were not. Yes Citibank was a major contributor to Obama. Interesting. My departure from the party some years ago was when I realized that self serving and hypocrisy was common in the party as well as an absence of value system. Marx had none either as a person.

    Now I wonder if you have ever read the story of the good Samaritan? Again, good people do good deeds.

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