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  • taggertkelly taggertkelly Feb 27, 2009 5:36 PM Flag


    If you didnt notice the markets hate this president. He is a 1 term wonder.if his spending doesnt work he will go down in history as the worst president ever. stop getting a tiggle in leg when you think of him. Your loosing your ass on this adminstrations lack of pro-capitalism.

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    • Spreads are especially wide because federal debt yields are so low. Below investment grade debt also has a significant risk premium built-in as a result of institutional investor focus on quality.

      That said, I believe January was the 6th highest month EVER for corporate debt issuance. There is NO SHORTAGE of buyers for highly rated corporate bonds.

      There IS a shortage of banks willing and able to make loans to consumers and small businesses. This needs to get fixed, pronto.

    • China ...... And you commend them for domestic infrastructure spending, yet condem Obama for the $787B stimulus?

      What percentage of Obama's stimulus package would you estimate is on infrastructure spending as compared to that in China?

      My issue with the stim package in the US is that it caters more to the need to keep consuming rather than make much needed investment on things that make long term sense.

      But a more important issue is energy policy and carbon taxes and how all that will allow govt to fill the trough for a new batch of hungry hoggs.

    • <<You imply that the government is crowding out the private sector, but the facts don't support this conclusion>>


      Are you familiar with credit spreads and how they've widened ?

      Corporate bonds yields are higher now even though the yield on 10 yr treasuries are lower.

      That's a fact.

    • A little more difficult to waste so much money domestically as on the Iraq war but maybe Obama thinks he's up to the task.

      Only problem is the nation is in a more precarious state now and i'm not sure the US can provide enough pork to those at the trough without driving the nation into economic collapse.

    • absolutely correct.

    • The Republican party that you speak of no longer exists. It has been hijacked by the pseudo-conservative movement. I say pseudo because they are not even "real" conservatives. What was once a party of moderation and fiscal restaint centered in the north and midwest is now centered in the south infested with economic darwinist, white supremist and those who have been led to believe "others" are responsible for their problems.

    • So, now I'm "warped", too. I've been resisting this, but I can't any longer: F*ck off you stupid b*tch, pretty please.

    • muskateer, sorry to hurt your feelings but you are the one promoting falsehoods about history and economics. And I didn't call you a vapid. Only clueless and I hold to that because you are that in your warped thinking and don't realize it. And get your facts straight on who the bankers have thrown their money at.

    • Tojo, Do you understand that the Republican party always stood for limited federal government? Bush was unpopular to them because of his massive spending and enlargment of the fed gov. That is the main reason Obama got elected - the Repubs who live near center said enough and crossed over. Bush Sr. left DC in similar contempt for raising taxes.

      I think George and this past Congress were drunken sailors having one heck of a party. But then the dems took over and Obama got to town. The party has turned into a free for all brawl. It is not about one being good and the other bad, or even one being better than the other. They all are disgusting. Excuse me, Bush gave billions to Wall Street? Obama is tripling that! And he has only just begun. The fed gov cannot police the world with its military, spending a trillion a year for what? catching Bin Laden? And the fed gov cannot prop up corrupt, poorly run banks. It is a sink hole, nor can those jokers in Washington run the banks. The adults need to stop ALL of them in their tracks and assume responsibility.

    • "Yes the bankers are mostly democrats,[NOT!!!} unscrupulous and overpaid charlatans..."

      btpt, like it or not, you share the same philosophy as these charlatans.

      "If one Republican sounds like another, it is quite rude to suggest that they are simply drones of Fox or Rush."

      OK, so after calling me "vapid" and "clueless", now I'm rude, too...

      Tell you what, I've had enough. YOU are rude and a stupid moron besides. Please go back to whatever alley you managed to escape from until you learn a bit about history, human nature and common sense. Learn to show a bit of respect for others, it might serve you when you end up in the street where you belong.

      Happy now?

      Whew, glad I got that off my back.

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