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  • docjoe999 docjoe999 Aug 10, 2009 12:24 AM Flag

    Health care bill end of life counseling

    If Ron Paul ran against Obama, I would have voted for them. Being a Republican used to mean for less government. Now it is the party of the plutocrats. The Republican Party serves to make private corporations rich. See Medicare part D.

    I am not for national health insurance. People should pay out of pocket for all but the most catastrophic costs. That the Republicans don't support such a plan is no surprise to me. They are for the status quo, and the status quo means insurers run everything.

    When people talk about a government takeover of health care, I laugh. I want to so badly ask, what part aren't they controlling now?

    The government mandates that big companies provide insurance for their employees and gives said companies deductions on said insurance. By doing so, the government is virtually guaranteeing health insurance company profits.

    The government regulates doctors via state medical boards and Medicare reviews. It does the same with hospitals by detailing what it needs before paying any of said hospitals a cent. The same goes for lab and equipment companies. Drug companies are controlled by the FDA.

    And the CDC, NIH, and FDA put out standard of care guidelines all the time. People who claim they don't want the government in their health care are so stupid they make my head hurt. They are already in health care up to their necks.

    Now onto your issue, <Younger people are of more value because they have more productivity left in them than an elderly person.>

    No, no, no. If the elderly want to have everything done, they can. When asked, most of them don't, but no one in our society wants to talk about it. Obama wants to give doctors incentives to do so.

    The politically correct thing to do is think mom or dad is going to live forever. It is hard to sit people down and say mom or dad is not going to get any better, and we need to know how far they want us to go (ventilator, IV meds, feeding tube etc).

    Because we don't talk about living wills, there are hundreds of thousands of brain dead people lying in bed in pain being fed by feeding tubes who if asked earlier on would not want to have lived that way. I sure as hell wouldn't.

    BTDT, the real tragedy is money is being spent on the terminally ill who given the choice don't want the care that is being spent on them. That there are young people who would benefit from those health care dollars being spent on them is not political but tragic.

    This could all be avoided if people paid for their own health care. The whole problem with this issue is that the government is paying to begin with.

    With the current system, we have capitalistic expectations and a socialist system. I would prefer a capitalistic system with capitalistic expectations, but that is not even on the table.

    There have been stupid Republican plans like the Health Savings Account. The part that no one mentioned is that to get a HSA you HAVE to buy a private health insurance policy with the HSA, so it amounts to a giveaway to private insurers.

    Health insurance should be like auto insurance. It is tightly regulated, competitive, and you only use it when something really expensive happens. Routine care like oil changes ETC. are paid out of pocket, and the prices of said items are well known.

    The Republican position should be that Americans have to be responsible for their own health care, but they are too gutless to advocate said position.

    So the real Republican issue shouldn't be whether the government pays for end of life care or not. The issue should be why in the hell is the government paying for it to begin with?

    So the choices are capitalistic expectations and a socialist system or socialistic expectations with a socialist system. Given those two choices, I pick the latter.

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