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  • ilap2004 ilap2004 Dec 27, 2009 10:09 PM Flag

    I LOVE this market!


    "War is one of the time-honored forms of economic stimulus, at least for some on the far right."

    Ah the gratuitous assertion.

    The claim was never made that Vietnam was an imminent threat to the US. Nice straw man. They were claimed to be a threat to other countries in the region - something which seems to have been born out in the aftermath of the loss of S. Vietnam. Try asking some Cambodians and Laotians about that. It was also believed that abandoning our S. Vietnam allies would send a very bad message to both allies and enemies. Anyone who is remotely familiar with the history of that conflict knows that. Maybe it's just a coincidence but about a year after the collapse of S. Vietnam the Soviets toppled the pro-western Afghanistan govt., leading to the Islamic insurgency there.

    Nor for that matter was the claim made that Iraq was an imminent threat to the US. He was said to be a threat to the region, which was true, since he had restarted his nuke program when the invasion occurred. That could have posed an eventual threat to the US as well.

    That second link seems to indicate, according to your/docjoe's logic, that it was actually Tony Blair that was trying to benefit KBR. He may have gotten some money under the table I guess. Better check his bank accounts.

    The third link has the increasingly essential element to any leftie argument: Say something about Fox News for no logical reason - especially strange considering the link talks about something that's not Fox News.

    This topic is deleted.
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