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  • docjoe999 docjoe999 Mar 12, 2010 12:07 PM Flag

    Great inflation versus deflation

    debate here, a must watch.^DJI,TIP,TLT,TBT,XLF,UUP,GLD&sec=topStories&pos=8&asset=&ccode=

    These are two of my all time favorite market gurus, Marc Faber and Mish Shedlock.

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    • Gotta love the strength of TEVA shares musk.

      I've followed the company for years, owned it a few times... but not for long enough to make the big gains.
      The company seems to do little wrong and just about everything right.
      I'll look to buy some around $60.


    • seems a lot my posts just get lost in Yahoo's system. Anyone else have trouble with that?

      Terribly frustrating.

      Anyway, I'm not sure there's much I'd want to invest in WRT a HC restructuring in the US....atleast if it were done as I would like to see it.

      If anything, you might want to go short.

      But this restructuring (if you can call it that) won't be done in any way I'd like to see so who knows.

      Big picture is, that in aggregate, the US economy cannot afford much (if any)more expenditure for HC.

      But that doesn't mean CERN mightn't be a good pick, I'll have to take a look.

      If you I want growth in overall HC spending, it will come in the EM's but I'm not sure how one might play that in terms of names.

    • So now we need societal cures for a "crippled epistemology" now?

      What I want to know is the value system and ideology of the person making that diagnosis.

      IOW, is the agenda for the benefit of the masses or for a few that might benefit from a reformed or rehabilitated epistemology lol.


    • Generic drugs are a good investment in healthcare cost- containment... I am a long term and very happy holder of TEVA... they look to be the dominant global player in generics... big acquisition today solidifies their position in Europe... up 3.5% today.

    • Win: *I think technology can make a big difference in cost savings in U.S. HC delivery if only the existing system would be made to compete. And it's not necessarily hi tech solutions that are needed.*

      That is the investment thesis... what are the investments?

      I am aware of a company called Cerner (CERN) that is helping to computerize medical records and otherwise bring digital tech to HC... But having tripled recently,sporting a 37 pe (24 forward pe) and financial profile that is average... I think it way over-valued.

      Other investments to consider?

    • "I firmly believe that Wall street and govt are all too big for the good of the country and not only that, they are in bed together... no matter the political party in power."

      One thing encouraging that notion is Obama supporting Sunstein:

    • Met coal (for steel) is the Chinese way to play it.

    • Only thing that might save the Brits is Falklands oil but the question remains if there's any there.

      Of course Argentina won't exactly be cooperating.

    • Musk, I hear ya. And I'm no expert either, I just go on what I've read and think is the reality based on speculation and connecting the empiracal dots.

      thing is, as RG noted, it comes down to transparency WRT costs in order for us to evaluate any competing HC systems we might want to compare.

      And the more socialized systems tend to lack that since the reporting requirements just aren't there.

      I've heard for example that in Canada, they don't even know what the true cost of a given procedure might be.

      And any comparison that only looks at costs (that are ambiguous at best) in a socialized system has to also look at the qualitative issues.

      Rationing of the population for services in a socialized system indicates that in order for it to be equal in terms of level of service in the US already means that any costs in such a system are understated when adjusted for quality of service.

      And JMO, but the rationing is likely to get a lot worse in the coming years because of the increments ( wage gains) for the HC unions that are simply a function of seniority.

      The public sector in Greece illustrates the issues quite well IMO.

      Bottom line, I think technology can make a big difference in cost savings in U.S. HC delivery if only the existing system would be made to compete. And it's not necessarily hi tech solutions that are needed.

      Sometines, I think it's just a matter of keeping things more simple in order to save $$.

      But that steps on certain entrenched corporate interests that have no interest in changing.

      If Change is needed, I'd like to see the US allow the private sector to have a real go of it before I give up.

      To blame the failure of the army on the enlisted soldiers and equipment is wrong.

      It's a matter of better allocation of $$ towards core HC needs that needs to be looked into and I've never in my life seen govt do a good job of that.

      In fact, govt has worked to prevent (i.e. obstructed) HC restructuring as I noted earlier with exemptions for antitrust issues including making it impossible to compete across state lines.


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