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  • riskiebusiness riskiebusiness Apr 2, 2010 12:24 PM Flag

    The Empire Strikes Back

    It must be wonderful to have all your inside Obama factoisds at hands length so you must certainly be a political insider! I'm just a lowly real estate consultant. Clearly a poster-boy of believing every anti-Obama posting on the NET.

    You would quite the American hero to the GOP if you donated all your Social Security benefits and Medicare to electing one of your unnamed GOP patriots. You of course are aware of the fact that when the FDR administration proposed a national Social Security system, the Republican Party vehemently opposed it. When the Johnson administration proposed a national Medicare system, the Republican Party vehemently opposed it. Both programs were labeled as Socialism and strongly denounced but, which now, very few people would want eliminated. But the overwhelming evidence suggests that Obama-care is socialism, so therefore, it must be. That said, get over it.

    I won't argue about your other anti-Obama statements because you and I know this would simply be another one of those regurgitation discussions about Obama that pervades the Net. Look, I have problems with his policies too...but as Americans, we know that if the economy turns around by late 2011 & 2012, he'll probably get another four's that simple. People need jobs and their piece of the American Dream.

    Happy Easter

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