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  • rgneckow rgneckow Apr 2, 2010 3:18 PM Flag

    The Empire Strikes Back

    <<< Both programs were labeled as Socialism and strongly denounced but, which now, very few people would want eliminated. >>>

    You kidding me ? The SS system was one of the biggest mistakes every created, talk to anybody under 55 and find out about their sentiments. Biggest ponzi scheme in history. I'll leave alone the Medicare system for now, but both programs certainly are and have been a transfer of wealth. You put whatever label you want on it.
    Socialism apparently means different things to different people. The definitions get convoluted when political leaders such as Bolivia's Evo Morales who ran for president as a socialist, but now claims he is Communist. Much of the world still considers his views and practices socialist. The world is changing fast. If the policies the political leaders have instituted in the US in the past two years had tried to come about 40 years ago, there would have been a terrific upheaval in this country. As it is, very recently some democrat office positions were quickly replaced with Republicans to man the post... more to come on that. That reflects the sentiment of the American people with regard to what is happening now.

    Now with Obamas recent decision to open up oil drilling. He made a wise decision to carry on with G W Bushes proposals, not his own ideas mind you. With the wise political decision, it represents a change of direction for Mr. Obama. With this decision, he pissed of a few liberals, but I think succeeded in getting a number of conservatives off his back... if only for the moment.

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