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  • ilap2004 ilap2004 May 25, 2010 11:27 PM Flag

    ABC Roundtable discussion-Pathetic


    You keep harping on the idea there's inequity. Fine there's inequity. Where you totally fail is providing any evidence that it has anything to do with why Muslims commit these violent acts. What was the reason for the Fort Hood shootings? Inequity in Saudi Arabia? Why did that Pakistani man try to set a bomb off in Times Square? Why was a bomb detonated in the World Trade Center in 1993? Have any of these people said it's because of inequity in Saudi Arabia?

    "And facts are hard to come buy, nevertheless you yourself speculate as to some universal evil ideology among Muslims???? what you got to back that up?"

    Nice straw man there. I didn't use the word universal. I am disputing that economic factors are behind the violence. I claim there is Muslim extremist ideology, which you seem to acknowledge. I don't know how you could fail to understand that that's my point, and yet somehow you do. Bin laden and the other hijackers are Wahabists. If you don't know what that is, try doing a search.

    "Well the above quotes as to Saudi governance (and there's lots more at the link) point to a lot of inequity in terms of who gets to decide how things get done in that society but here's a bit more in terms of how the econmic pie gets shared"

    So I went to your link and it says this:

    "Saudi Arabians generally enjoy a decent standard of living, due in large part to government programs designed to minimize poverty."

    Present some actual evidence that the 9/11 hijackers were motivated by economic factors OR ANY OF THE OTHERS WHO HAVE COMMITTED VIOLENCE. All you do is declare it to be so as though it's self evident. As I said, it doesn't even make any sense especially in Saudi Arabia where people have a far higher standard of living than non-oil producing middle eastern countries. People claim this country is full of inequity, what with Wall Streeters making huge bonuses while losing billions. You blowing yourself and others up any time soon?

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