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  • arwen_imaginary arwen_imaginary Nov 1, 2010 1:50 PM Flag

    What's your take?

    She will probably START doing the things you mentioned . They see petrobras as the rest of Brazil . A long term project. Believe it or not they have been planning things in advance for decades and will continue to do so.
    So my take on it is ,,,, she will use this company for " state purposes " little by little milking the cow... but she will also feed it very well. Eventually , lets say 20 years Petrobas should/could be one of the top 3 company in the world if not the biggest..
    Pays the strangest of dividends , ... but it is requiered by law so will continue to do so . B R A ZILs economy and growth CO-Exist with this baby. I do NOT like socialists in general , unless they spend the $ VERY wisely, but Brazil IS a different animal.
    It's a no brainer. They will not let a bubble form, so no 500% gains ahead,,... they will never let it be in the SH.. ! So anything under 30 would be a huge surprise for me.
    Personally i'm out at 40 , should take 6-8 month. I hope.. GL.

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    • Dilmas*s election means NO CHANGE to the plan... she has been on top of this all along.

      I think Arwen*s comment about long term planing is interesting... what is for sure is that Brazil wont impose change on Petrobras and then change it all back because of a change in administration...

      ...Unlike a pathetic polity like the USA where one party works a year to pass legislation and then the losers return with threats to reverse/undo the hard-won changes. We are so hopelessly polarized that even if anything gets done, it could be undone 2 years later... That is no way to run a two-bit mom and pop shop, much less the world*s greatest power.

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      • Hi Musk.
        Yes, unfortunalty the US has become way too POLARIZED, it's a shame, i lived in the states in the early 80's and it was different. The most important thing was being an American, now it's all about being right or wrong, white or black, dem or rep, pro life or pro choice, for the stimulus against the stimulus, for Obama care or against a governments big role, immigration and the list goes on and on...IT has all become one huge south american BOCA VS RIVER type of thing where i just beat up my fellow neighbor because of the color of his shirt.... Everyone was proud to make and buy American products back then . THE UNION of the people made the USA the super power, fighting each other more and more , and two year politics are destroying it....

        The best companies will survive because luckly someone in India will soon be buying that can of coke.....

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