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  • musketeernumberone musketeernumberone Jan 4, 2011 5:07 PM Flag

    2011: Goldilocks Economy Good for Stocks

    1. My results do not color my perception. I have never touted my investment results because they are not that exceptional, except that I meet or beat the averages while maintaining a significant proportion of relatively *safe* income investments. I have bragged about being whole post crisis... but so are the averages. My main source of information on the economy is TV news and the internet, just like everybody else. So, yeah, I am a victim of the world-wide conspiracy to delude us onto thinking things are getting better, when for some people they are not.

    2. The US economy is quite globalized so, of course, any exposure is international exposure. Sure, I have traded Chinese stocks and held Brazilian stocks, but my biggest holdings, the core of my portfolio, are mid-stream MLPs; Not really that international. But more to your point, retail and consumer stocks significantly outperformed last year... while China lagged. In any case, I am not soooo bullish on the US economy or US stocks -- I am realistic: 3.5% GDP growth next year and 10-20% gains in the S&P 500. The market is doing well; Economic trends across the board are positive including employment data... Fact, not perception. If you need data, Google it.

    3. California: What a great place. I would gladly move back, but it is a bit too expensive for me now. The State has many problems, but I would not say that Keynesian economics is one of them, lol... Californians do not want to pay for the services they demand. Long-time property owners get subsidized services courtesy of everyone else. Not fair. No interest in Illinois... too cold. The Texas economy is underpinned by the energy industry -- great for the residents... Real estate in Texas is a steal... $300,000 for a really great house in Austin, Houston or Dallas... Why move to Cali... or Brazil!

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