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  • docjoe999 docjoe999 Mar 12, 2011 3:35 PM Flag

    Gulf of Mexico Production Down, U.S. Oil Imports Up

    Ilap, the dumbest Republican party line of all time was drill, baby, drill. Anyone who thinks we can drill enough to be self sufficient in oil is dreaming. The most the U.S. lost with the drilling ban per one estimate is 0.2 mbpd which is jack squat.

    Party hacks like you just want to blame Obama for everything and not solve anything.

    The easiest and cheapest solution to our energy problem is increased use of natural gas in our vehicles. It costs $10,000 to convert our vehicles so they can accept natural gas versus $800 in Brazil and Mexico, and the difference in the cost of conversion is completely due to red tape.

    If the politicians weren't slaves to the oil companies, this would have been done already. It is monumental stupid that this has not happened.

    So once more you are blaming Obama and the Dems, when in fact, our energy problems have been created by ALL politicians.

    The offshore drilling ban and ANWAR are just such fake issues, and anyone bringing them up is stupid as is anyone dumb enough to listen. The U.S. is producing more oil than 2003 and more oil and natural gas than at any time in the last 20 years.

    We need to be using natural gas for our vehicles and wind for electricity. This country produces the equivalent of 5.5 mbpd of natural gas and could do even more if need be. OTOH, we import around 8 mbpd. There is no way that we can drill enough to come up with 8 mbpd. Anyone arguing for drill, baby, drill is a pathetic Republican hack.

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    • <<So once more you are blaming Obama and the Dems, when in fact, our energy problems have been created by ALL politicians.>>

      the Obama administration alone owns the policy that is currently in place in the GOM..Including appealing judge's decisions that found the moratorium to be "capricious".

      Similarly, it is the Obama administration that has singularly set the EPA hounds after just about anything hydrocarbon related.

      An agenda?

      Sure, it's about justifying a green agenda.

      I'll let you take it from there.

      Just keep in mind how the Green agenda has political strings and favors certain projects in terms of who is politically connected rather than in an objective and competitive manner.

      Not exactly a great way to get the best bang for your green energy buck.

      Instead it should be tax credits for R&D and less govt deciding how money is spent and let the market allocate the spending.

    • Doc - How do you think you produce natural gas? Yes, you have to drill wells.

      I'm not promoting or knocking either political faction; we're all equally responsible for our energy dependency.

      But, 'drill baby drill' was espousing the utilization of all our hydrocarbon resources, not just oil.

      Further, evolution in seismic, drilling and production capabilities have given real evidence that we're sitting on immense and recoverable hydrocarbon resources.

      So the hack is anyone that doesn't understand that there are enough untapped resources that drilling can produce.

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      • <Doc - How do you think you produce natural gas? Yes, you have to drill wells.>

        And the drilling for natural gas has stopped because prices are too low. They wouldn't be this low if natural gas were being used for transport.

        Converting this nation's truck fleet to natural gas would save this country between 2 and 3 mbpd of oil.

        The "ban" on GOM drilling has cost this country 200,000 bpd at most. Libya has taken at least one million bpd off line. The idea that liberals are to blame for current high oil prices is mind numbingly stupid.

        <In your entire rant you never provided any rational justification for his bizarre Gulf drilling ban.>

        Why don't you give me your address Ilap, and I'll send you some crude strewn Louisiana shrimp. But not only is your comment bizarre, it is also incorrect:

        Gasoline prices are high because politicians of both parties have been held captive to special interests.

        I was talking to someone in the wind industry, and he told me the parties holding up the use of natural gas for fuel were big oil and coal for some reason. Maybe Exxon will change its tune since acquiring XTO.

        Everybody knows that using natural gas for fuel needs to happen as well as raising the age to 70 before people receive Medicare and Social Security benefits. Everyone knows defense spending needs to be cut.

        But nothing gets done. Anyone looking to cut defense for example is for the terrorists. Anyone looking to trim Medicare wants the elderly to die.

        And people like Ilap keep handing out the red glasses swearing that all our problems are because of liberals. Well, liberals didn't cause the high gasoline prices we have today. Our good for nothing politicians, on both sides of the aisle, have. Unlike Brazil which used a rational energy policy, we have had none. This problem has been a thorn in this nation's side for almost 40 years.

        Guys like Ilap are much more interested in finger pointing than problem solving.

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