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  • ilap2004 ilap2004 Mar 11, 2011 1:04 PM Flag

    Completely Insane News Story

    This topic is deleted.
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    • Bit of editing..

      It does seem gratuitous to drag the Koch name into that story.

      Also noteworthy was mention of the 'history of enviro related infractions' of Shaw Industries.

      If the Obama administration continues in their ways , they will flush ALL basic industry out of the country and the jobs with it.

      I don't know that anyone can get it through their heads that basic industry by necessity has an effect on the environment. Atleast according to their measures and especially when you include silly things like Co2 emissions.

      The issue is sustainability.

      You can't grow food wihout disturbing the environment!

      Forestry, mining, homebuilding, basic manufacturing activities etc by necessity have some impact on the environment and I don't think anybody denies that.

      Of course, those activities require large amounts of energy, hence the need for oil and gas exploration and refining activities to support all that.

      The new enviro attitudes we see today that get perpetuated by Hollywood celebs and which so many people follow like disciples has had an doubt about it.

      As to why the masses latch on to these celebrity types for leadership on these issues , I don't know.

      James Cameron, Michael Moore et al, are not known for having a big picture view. Especially as it relates to the overall economy and standards oif living.

      They don't seem to understand the severity of the ancillary effects that their suggested policies might have.

      As to the recent Wisconsin demonstrations and the repeated association to the Koch Bros, I fail to see how breaking of public sector unions power enriches them in any way.

      This has to do with public sector unions, not private sector unions.

      gotta love the special interest groups (public sector unions in this case) that claim to represent the interests of the public at large.

      They just don't get it.The majority have had enough of their greedy demands.

      Thing is, whether they epresent the interests of the public at large isn't even the right question.

      The public at large is often mislead.


      If enviro sustainability is in their interest, why not that of economic sustainability?

      Clearly, govt/state budgets and expenditures are primarily driven by the level of wages and benefits of pubic sector workers.

      So doesn't it stand to reason that when budgets are perenially in deficit (especially when unfunded pension/ healthcare liabilities are included), that public sector wage benefit packages be looked at?

      Where else you gonna cut? Stationary?

      Could you just imagine if every resident of Wisconsin were owed a similar level of unfunded benefits as a result of pension and healthcare benefits that are owed public sector workers???


      What is lost on these public sector workers is the question of economic sustainability.

      The tax base simply can't afford to pay these greedy union demands.

      Matter of fact,the day will come when the cuts required of public sector wage and benefits will be even more than now because as far as I can tell, the cuts don't go far enough.



    • Yahoo blocking another one of my posts I tried putting up.

      No idea why.

      Criticism of public sector worker demands, I guess is verbotten?

      Enviro issues, maybe?

      Hollywood celebs?

      wide ranging argument that I put quite a bit of effort into composing and not allowed to post.

      yahoo and their censorship, I'm really getting fed up with it.

      When close to half of my more thought out posts get blocked, I begin to wonder why I bother.

      But I'm a stubborn man.

      Maybe try later.

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